Danny's Inanimate Friends

Danny and her friends (Who she doesn't like) are taking over my desk. She is like a little ferret, she has to chew everything up and then throw it off the sides. 

Last night she came over from her area and into mine, under the TV, jumped on the bed, onto my video game controller (that I was playing) and crawled up my shoulder. That was the first time she has come over to me on her own. I thought it was cute but figured she was just hungry or something but she had food so... could it be that she just wanted to hang out with me? 

I swear this is the hardest I have ever tried in my whole entire life to get something/someone to like me. She isn't like a dog who wants to please you and seeks attention - she expects and demands it and if you don't treat her exactly how she wants (And she doesn't usually even know what that is) she turns into a lil bossy bitch. There really isn't another way to label it - Sassy? I read that girl budgies were like this but it's gotta be experienced to be fully appreciated. This tiny little fluff with the gall to not only stand up to but intimidate someone 100,000 x's her size. 

 I guess it has something to do with how the boy - girls are naturally in that the boy has to "Woo" the girl and try to get her attention and she has to pretend like she isn't interested to get him to try harder. Then they have this "pecking order" thing that they go into with other girls to establish dominance. It's kinda crazy how all of these behaviors are instinctual. I'm always trying to understand it and her better so I can find some kind of compromise. It can be really taunting when I try to change out her food or water or GIVE her a new toy and she goes into monster mode and tries to attack me. She doesn't bite as much as she pretends to as if to say - Get the F outta my space. 

Actually her personality is quite aggressive. I heard that sometimes budgie will bond with their toys and think they are their friends - so when I got her little plastic (and talking) birds I thought she would at least want to play with them. Nope. She tries to push them off their fake perches and bites at them. Which isn't so bad because I would probably get a little jealous if she started to be nice to her toys and not to me. But that's not the whole story! Once she is outside of her area she is a mostly a little sweet heart. She'll let me pet her (if she is in the mood) and loves to stay on my shoulder. She goes for a walk every day around the neighborhood - yes I am that weirdo walking with a bird on his shoulder but - uh - birds are meant to fly over huge distances so they like to get outside more than even dogs. We're both fortunate that she doesn't try to jump down or even have an idea what flying is yet. I'll have to dedicate an entire post to the to trim or not to trim controversy that is a big debate in the bird world. 

Anyways that is a little update on lil Danny. She surprises me everyday with something new. Her talking progress is actually coming along really well - still no clear words but she is vocalizing more and they are getting more varied. Some even sound - not surprisingly  - like someone screaming at someone and telling them what to do. 

Chewing up my notes. 

She likes to throw things off the table. 

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