Budgie vs. Alligator Lizard

Found a baby Alligator Lizard in my bathroom.

Decided to show it to Danny on the way to putting it outside.

Put it down on her budgie gym so I could take pictures of her with it.

Danny decides to walk in and investigate.

Alligator Lizard turns into dragon and tries to attack Danny.

Dragon opens mouth as a warning - which Danny doesn't heed.

Danny gets bitten.

Danny is un-phased.

"Run Danny Run!"

Derek realizes that it's not Danny that is in Danger but the Dragon.

Danny continues her attack.

Derek distracts Danny to allow the Dragon to escape.

Dragon bites one last time, escapes, and I scream and run.

If there is one thing that surprises me most about lil Danny is how brave she is. You would think that a bird would be more "flighty" and re-act to things more flight than fight. Loud noises, the car wash, a paper scanner - everything that you would think would make her scared she isn't. Not only isn't she afraid but she goes UP to them. Someone was using a fly swatter and instead of freaking out and running away- she got excited and started to try and attack the swatter. So when I saw that the Lizard had it's mouth open and was going to strike I was sure that she would freak out and try and run out - i was wrong again. She acted like it was nothing (she has feather armor) and I could tell she was about to get mad and bite it back.

Another interesting thing was that the lizard wasn't afraid of me! I actually had much larger one as a pet for a couple months and it would let me pet it. Rikko.

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