There is a good conversation starter that also gives you an incite into someone and it's who would they have at a dinner party - and they could only choose x # of people. Ironically all of my favorite people are dead.

My list is, in a some-what particular order.

  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Socrates 
  • Howard Hughes
  • Julius Caesar
I don't know much about Julius Caesar but I bet he would be fascinating since he would be arguably one of the most powerful people ever. I would also definitely like someone that knew a lot about Ancient Egypt and the times in history that are fuzzy.

 I was watching someone about Egypt the other day and I realized that when we refer to it it's almost as if it all happened at once. It would have been vastly different from decade to decade let alone in its early history to it's later history. Think how different the world is now compared to even 50 years ago let alone 100, or 1000. So when we refer to the Ancient world especially Egypt - there were probably time frames that were so different they couldn't' be considered together - but we still do. I guess that's why they have the different dynasties and such but I don't think most people know or think about it like that. It's just "Ancient Egypt" and the same would apply to every other culture and society. The only thing that keeps them memorable and continuous seems to be their stone structures. If they were to only build in wood or mud then those structures would barely last a generation so it's really only the massive stone buildings that survive and it's likely that from generation to generation they forget who originally built them. Yet they still provide a marking point in the work both physically and through time. I think that is what makes the ancient monolithic structures so intriguing - it's like they are obvious and present in our history yet we don't fully understand them. 

What would be really thought-provoking would be to collaborate on a world wide structure that represents humanity now. Like we put all of our technological advancements and knowledge and build our own super-structure - not a hotel or a functional building but a monolith that acts more like a 'grave-stone' for the time it was created. 

What would we use as building materials? Stone? Medal? Artificial diamonds? Gold? - a combination of many? It seems obvious why they would have used stone - because it lasts a long time and people would  probably not try to take it and 'recycle it' like they would with medal or more valuable materials. What shape would we design it to be? Pyramid? - Nah - already done. Cube? Maybe -Sphere! - that would be harder and technically more difficult - especially to balance it but would be 'cooler.' Where would we build it? Would we try to think of a place that was significant geographically  that would also be available and possible to build on that would also be in a safe area from natural disasters? Then we would have to think about it's orientation and layout - as it would see from above and we would also factor in the sunrise position - like sun dial - so that it would have an added level of meaning astronomically. Maybe we would create a scale model of our solar system with the sun at the center? 

I think by thinking about how we would do something and the reasons we would do something can help us understand why people in the past did similar things. This kind of thinking has helped me a LOT in my Leonardo research. I started to ask myself "Well, how would I do this?" In a practical way - not a symbolic way but in more of a technical way. When we do that different questions pop up - that lead to different answers than you may have considered other wise. It's like you could try to study the pyramids all you want but you could also try to imagine building one yourself - and then a lot of those difficult questions become a lot more clear. Not only in the technical aspects - the "How" but the "Why." -Why would we build such a structure today? Wouldn't it be more of a "Why not?" or because we can - more of like a time capsule?  Why do we use grave stones? Why do people draw their names in wet cement.

To be remembered. We do it for the future - to say:

  "We were here." 

Nikola Tesla: 

Royksopp & Robyn - Monument

Make a space
For my body
Dead or whole,
Push this side apart
This is what I'm controlling,
It's a mole, the inside that I cart

This will be my monument
This will be a beacon when I'm gone gone gone
When I'm gone gone gone
When I'm gone!
Soon when that moment comes,
I can say I did it all with love love love
All with love love love
All with love!

Make a cast of my body
Pull back out,
So that I can see
Make a world
Are you ruling?
Make a world
That I used to be

I will let this MONUMENT,
Represent a moment of my life life life life
Of my life life life
Of my life!
I will let this MONUMENT,
Represent a moment of my life life life life
Of my life life life
Of my life!

Make a cast of my body
Pull back out,
So that I can see


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