Feather Duster Budgies

"Feather Duster Budgies" are caused by a recessive genetic disorder that causes their feathers to never stop growing. They have trouble moving and cant fly and rarely live longer than a year because their nutrition is used up for feather production. They also have a deeper voice. This is a side effect from too much inbreeding to increase their size and make them fluffier. Most of them are culled and are considered a taboo among budgie breeders. Others are purposely bred and sold but they are difficult to care for and most live only a couple months. 

This one reminds me of the Secret of Nimh Owl:

This shows the difference between normal budgies and ‘English Budgies.’ English doesn't mean they are from England (They are native to Australia)  but rather they are specifically bred for a certain appearance similar to the different breeds of dogs. English budgies are larger (by almost a head) have thicker feathering, a different shaped head and body. They are thought to be more ‘easy going’, more docile, and arguably better talkers w a different tone of voice. Wild budgies are usually green and yellow while pet budgies come in many coloring a ranging from white to blue and turquoise.

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