Baby Budgie Update

Yesterday Danny went on her first walk around the neighborhood. She has never flown/ jumped more than one foot and is really good about not jumping off of my shoulder. I wasn't sure how she would like a "Walk" or if she would get afraid or like it too much and try to jump away. She seemed to enjoy it and I think in a new environment she associated me with a safe place similar to how she does her perches/ cage in my room.  
Speaking of cages she doesn't really even have one anymore. I took it away and replaced it with a ever changing setup on my desk. There is another one similar to it on my bed stand so she stays on my desk during the day and next to my bed when i'm going to sleep. One thing she does that's interesting is that she waits for me to wake up before she does. She wont move the entire night until I do - then she gets up and eats and moves around. I appreciate that she has adapted to my sleep schedule and not the other way around. Birds rise and set with the sun - and I definitely do not. 

Her personality is funny, kinda demanding, moody, and curious. She is also very easy going and doesn't scare easy. She is getting better and better about being 'petted' and likes it if she is in the right kind of mood. They aren't like dogs in that they want to please you and always want attention. Which is understandable cause imagine that someone tries to come up to you and start tapping you on the head all the time. You like it sometimes - but only when you feel like it. 

They say that you should spend about 4hrs with your budgie a day if it doesn't have another budgie friend. That's why people end up getting more than one because that seems like a lot of time. With other larger parrots it's even more. Danny gets 21hrs a day haha She hasn't been apart from  me longer than the length of a movie and when I go to the gym. Other than that I'm in the room. 

She isn't very vocal and I think I only heard her say "Hey Baby" once. I've only said it about 2400 times. If someone didn't know I had a bird I was trying to teach to talk in the room with me they would think I was making weird baby sounds and sound effects to myself.

She picks up new 'tricks' pretty well and can wave her hand, stick out her tongue/ yawn, open her wings a little, and we're working on a couple different head movements. Dropping her head like she is falling asleep. The sprinkler (Moving head like a sprinkler dance) and i'll look at her and she'll look away really fast and then look back at me and i'll look away. I've noticed is that i'll try to teach her something and she won't do it right away but then a couple hours later or the next day i'll look over and she'll be doing it. 

 One thing I really enjoy is making her things. I made her a portable perch so she can hang out anywhere easily.

 I also like that she likes it. If you get her a new toy - she actually plays with it right away.

She is also obsessed with mirrors. The other night she fell asleep with her head jammed up against a crystal cube I have.

None of my other budgies slept like this. She puts her whole body down like a cat. 

Her fascination with the glass cubes is that she is actually seeing multiple views of herself. 

Asleep in a paper towel

 She is definitely an inspiration to take a lot of pictures!


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