The Mona Lisa is 3d

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Prado Mona who you be? Feb 23, 2012 - Blog post about the painting being referred to. 

So the Mona Lisa is in the news yet again. "The Mona Lisa was 3d" or some derivative like that (links to the stories posted below)

What's interesting about that is I've posted the same thing since 2006. News stories about things that have been in my book have gone out quite a few times over the years.

Excerpt from a previous version of my book "Discovering da Vinci's Daughter" pg 259 - May 2007
"So I then started to look through some of Da Vinci’s paintings. For the first time I questioned what was going on in the art. I didn’t look at it at its face value but asked instead - why? Why was it painted like that? Why did the artist put the paint where they did, what purpose did it serve? It’s not a photograph, every single spot of paint was put there with function and intention..
 I was most curious about why Da Vinci had been thinking the same things as someone 500 years in his future? He must be trying to get at what I was getting at - Get it? How could this man from 500! Years ago be contemplating the same things as me? Someone who has spent most of his life on a computer and with technology that wasn’t even a glimmer in someone’s eye back then?? I still had my 3d glasses from watching the tv show Medium (which did and episode in 3d.) and I wondered; Why do red and blue on different eyes make something look like it’s jumping out? Have you ever wondered that? I looked it up and even figured out how to make 3d pictures myself. What I couldn’t figure out was why most of Da Vinci’s paintings were full of red and blue?
  So of course I put on my 3d glasses and started to look through his art… Although they didn’t pop up I knew that Da Vinci was considering the same things I was and well.. That lead me to my first Da Vinci theory."

“The Mona Lisa is 3d”

A pretty crazy statement about a painting that was painted so long ago, right?"

Yes it was a pretty crazy statement at the time I wrote it too. (People definitely thought I was crazy for saying it.) At the time I was referring to a different form of 3d than they are in the news articles. They are comparing the backgrounds to the Prado Mona Lisa copy and are saying that essentially each was painted with a perspective distance similar to the distance between the human eyes which gives the two paintings a type of stereoscopy - the same phenomena that allows us to perceive objects in 3d. The question in this case is if Leonardo intended for these two particular paintings to show stereography or it was just an accident from the positions each was being painted in relation to each other. If you imagine an art school with a couple students standing around a model -each painting the same thing but from different angles - that would also be an example of stereography. They wouldn't necessarily be intending to create a 3d pair - but the effect may still be possible. They would have to specifically space their pov (Point of view) at a specific angle to illicit the stereo base 3d effect properly.

From the old version of my book:
"Stereo Pairs

"These are called "Stereo Pairs" I made them myself. They're created by taking a picture and then taking another one with a slight shift to the left or the right about the distance between each eye. I would look through the lens and inside my camera are focus points - I would keep my head still, take the picture with the camera through one eye. Then without moving, move the camera to my other eye and make sure the center focus was in the same spot and take another picture. The result are two images that are very similar but different enough to enable your brain to process them as 3-dimensional. 

This is what it looks like with both images combined together with a computer. Where it's blurry is where they are different from each other. Your brain takes those areas and perceives them at different depths - thus you see them in 3d! It's really cool if you think about it. This is how shows why you see the world in 3d and enables you to see depth. This is also why sometimes people who are blind in one eye are not allowed to drive. They don't know how far things are in front of them. Cross the two images into one and they’ll turn 3d."

I've come a long way since 2007 (And 2013 for that matter) but regardless I haven't been updating this blog or my web site with any of my new research or subsequent findings. It's been my experience to not let the cat(s) out of the bag until you are ready. Don't spill the beans until you are ready for a bean stalk - because:
Why buy the cow (book) when you can get the milk for free? It's more that my book is being written in such a way that it follows along with the various discoveries and if I post what those are before the book is done then it would spoil it. I'm punny. 

This is an article written about me in 2006 mentioning that I claimed she was in 3d. 

Mona Lisa or Mon Salai?
by Louie Parsons
2006-11-17 08:26:17
"For the last few months, Derek Bair has been researching and analyzing the Mona Lisa and other art by Da Vinci and Raphael and has come up with some very intriguing theories. One of which includes that the Mona Lisa is encoded with information to render her in 3D..."

My Old Blog:

"The Mona Lisa is 3d"
June 13, 2007 Link


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