Lucan Leonardo Self Portrait ?

This is called the :Lucan Self Portrait.  A supposed Self-Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci.

"Believed by some experts to be a self-portrait and therefor the work upon which a number of later paintings (such as that in the Uffizi) are based." - Link

Discovered in 2012 Said to be painted in 1505 -Museum of the Ancient People of Lucania, Italy

It is obviously severely damaged so I thought I would digitally restore it real quick. It only took about an hour because the resolution is so low. I do not think it is by Leonardo. Not just because I don't like how he looks here but it doesn't seem like his style at all.  It could be based off of one by him that was lost since there are others in this pose.

While searching for more info about this painting I found this but not sure what it is but looks like the same face.

Here are some very high resolution details of the painting but there isn't one of the entire painting. 

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