Galaxy S5 Sample Photography RAW

These are some test shots from my Samsung Galaxy S5 that I took at a trip to Home Depot. They are all un-edited, cropped, or altered in anyway. This is exactly as they came from the phone. They were taken with  Auto-Settings, Full Resolution, and HDR enabled.

 It's hard to imagine where cell-phone cameras are going to be in a couple years let alone a few years. They are already dangerously close to DSLR fully dedicated camera's who's Lenses can cost as much as a full superphone that you can carry around in your pocket and do everything else with. The need of a dedicated "point and shoot' is almost null. It's either cell-phone or the full on DSLR and for most cases they photos end up being nearly indistinguishable. 

I have a Canon 20D from a few years ago and it only has like 8mp I think. The S5 has 16mp. I also have a Canon T5i and it has 18mp. I'll have to try taking pictures from the various cameras of the exact same thing. 

One of the reasons I upgraded my Galaxy S3 to an S5 was for the camera. It was more reasonable than getting a new point and shoot (the Canon s95 is starting to break.) The S5 definitely gives you a great camera you can bring with you anywhere - not to mention underwater! But the biggest downside is it's "Low-light" performance - which is remarkably poor. If there is enough light- amazing pictures but if there isn't - they are almost un-view-able. It's not that big of a deal since I can use a different camera when I need to do that type of photography but if it could do everything any of my other cameras could do - and better - that would be ideal.

I would guess that within a year or two a cell phone sized camera will be able to do everything any DSLR can - with or without any additional lenses. The potential of Light Field Photography is going to make all of the cameras we have now look like the first cell phone cameras! 

I thought I would post these because they came out pretty well for un-edited candid cell phone camera shots. 


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