Digital Restoration of Lady with an Ermine

This shows the current progress of my digital restoration of Lady with an Ermine. You'll notice from a-far that the differences are barely noticeable. If you click on them and zoom up close it's a lot more obvious. This is only a couple hours of work and it's a LOT easier than the Mona Lisa. The resolution isn't nearly as high, it's not as damaged, and the background is blacked out. 
This gif shows the progress in more of a time lapse. 

Gif showing the progress so far that shifts from the original to the latest version.

Detail of the hand. 

This was just a test to get an idea about how the smoothing of the colors would look. In the first step only the cracks are removed so the painting stays as true to the original as possible. In the next stage - i'll actually try and re-paint over the damage to try and get it back to what it looked like when it was new. This example was just to see how it might look and not trying to be accurate. 

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