Baby Budgie Day 14

As Danny gets older I let her explore more of my room. She can't fly yet so I have to watch her but she is just like a little kid. There is really only one thing I have told her "NO" or not to do and that is to fall behind my desk/ tv. The other day she did it twice in a row and then kept going back to the spot that she fell from. I was like "noooooo" and she literally slowly backed up to the edge. I can't tell if she actually likes being stuck in the dark but it's annoying because when I try to help her out she gets scared and starts to cry.

So I put up a piece of paper and moved her jungle gym so she couldn't get to the spot where she kept falling. Today she jumped on top of that paper.. what the heck? It must really be a thing not just for humanity but for animals - especially baby animals - where they want to do exactly what you tell them not to. It's not like i'm saying "No don't eat too much candy, Danny." I'm just trying to keep her from falling in-between a desk! She either likes it back there or she likes to mess with me.

See you can tell she is mad. She was just sitting there pouting. 

We had our first fight because of this. We made up in 2 min. Animals get over things a lot faster than people do. I am still mad about things that happened within the last 5 years or more. Like almost as mad as if they just happened.

Yesterday when I got back from the gym she must have been in a really bad mood cause she pretended to bite at my hand when I was changing out her food. WtF? She was fine when I left. It's weird how animals can be as moody as people sometimes and it's hard to know why. Was she mad I was gone? Did I wake her up? I dunno.

She's actually tried to talk a couple times already! I've been laying on my bed on my ipad and out of no where she goes " Ha ha ha ... ha" which is a lot different than normal budgie babble  which she hasn't' done at all yet.  Usually budgies just make budgie noises and kinda talk to themselves when they are playing. This was different and more deliberate and there were not other sounds. Just - "Ha ha ha ha" which i've been trying to teach her. So that is really cool! It's really difficult to record because they do it randomly and almost never when you are trying to get them to. It's like you try and teach them over and over and they don't do anything then a couple hours later they finally try it. It's like a game!

I was thinking of trimming the feathers around her eyes - she can barely see. English budgies are bred for this look but it makes it harder for them to see. 

This is one of the first times I could actually see her eye clearly!

She is modeling for me and fortunately really likes the camera.


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