Leonardo's Salvator Mundi privately sold for 75 Million dollars.

Leonardo's Lost and then re-Found Salvator Mundi just sold privately for 

75 Million Dollars

It probably goes without saying but there is a very huge incentive for any work to be authenticated to be by or even touched by Leonardo. This can make it more difficult for researchers and other people who don't have ulterior motives. It also makes it complicated in "authenticating" a work. Who is it that has the "Authority" to say it is or isn't? Who gets the final word? Thankfully our technology is helping to clear up some of the controversy. With the ability to peer inside a painting and into the individual layers of paint and how they were applied it's easier to notice individual styles. Leonardo being left handed is convenient. So is his using his fingers and leaving his finger prints behind - they happen to be on file with the FBI and can be found on some of his works.

 Perhaps the most intriguing aspect to modern technology is DNA testing - not just identification but analysis. If he used his spit or other fluids (Urine was used a lot for painting chemicals)  that could be tested and compared between his works to positively authenticate them. Not only that but it could clear up the questions of where he is buried and if it is actually his body - and also to determine his ethnicity. It's thought he could have been half Arab on his mothers side. Or most interesting of all is what we could learn from, and use his particular DNA for. The structure of Einsteins brain has led to some interesting studies. What is it that made Leonardo considered the greatest mind that has ever lived? What better test for nature vs nurture could there be? 

Imagine raising a little Leo clone in the modern world? 

  • c. 1490-1519
  • Oil on walnut
  • 45.4 cm × 65.6 cm (25.8 in × 17.9 in)
  • Private collection, New York City (Where now?)

Sketches by Leonardo that correspond with the Mundi. 

Three copies by:
Wenceslas Hollar | Bernardino Luini | Sesto


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