How to stop being addicted



Originally posted 3/28/2014. Updating May 2016

This post is actually getting some views so i'm going to be updating it. I wrote most of it in a couple sittings a couple years ago. I had just figured out or at least accepted the real 'nature of addiction' and it started to work for me. That made me want to share it.

There was this desperate and excited energy which may make for a strained read - but also kinda fits in with the subject matter. It's also a little repetitive but that's because it may take hearing the same thing said 10 different ways before it clicks. If you already understood it enough you wouldn't need to read it! This is also something I come back to and re-read when I need a reminder.

I can say that in the years since I wrote this that i've been doing better than ever and the information is valid. It works.

 You're not an addict, you're a person addicted to an addictive substance. If you think it's more complicated than that or that there is something wrong with you - you are wrong.

Stop taking the addictive substance -
Go through the withdrawls -
Stop being an addict.

Those urges do go away and you do not miss it. That's the most important and significant thing to realize when you start - you DO NOT MISS IT.

When you first think about quitting you get a panic, like you're going to get grounded or someone is breaking up with you - you're like "but then I wont be able to do it anymore and i'll always want to and there will be something missing" no no no no. That is the addiction tricking you. That is the addiction expressing itself through you. That is something you think and feel BEFORE you quit and during the withdrawal and maybe for a while after - but eventually you not only don't 'miss' it but you dont even think about it! 

Also just because you hear other people say "Oh quitting is the hardest thing i've ever done, it's terrible" doesn't mean that it is or that it will be for you. It's like climbing a hill or a mountain - it gets harder and harder and harder but then it gets easier and easier and easier until there isn't a climb, it's over. You're free.

I've found the single greatest statement I can make to myself that works as a reminder is: "It's slavery" It's slavery. Think about it. You're enslaving yourself and what you think you are 'getting' from doing it is a lie. You're not getting an enjoyable high you're getting the cessation of withdrawal. You're getting a repreival of a desperate and uncomfortable sensation when you re-take that substance - you're not actually getting something that feels good. If you let yourself be uncomfortable long enough you won't have that feeling anymore. The constant craving - goes away. That's the best part - you do not feel it anymore.

"Why do we keep hitting ourselves with a hammer? 
Because it feels so good when we stop!" 

There was a time not too long ago that I decided I would smoke for just a night. It was like a 'reward' or more so a 'f-it' kinda thing. So I did, it was gross and I woke up with a disgusting mouth but I didn't' feel too guilty - it was just for a night. Then later that day I was like - well I might as well smoke again - I did yesterday, i'll just stop tomorrow!

The next thing I knew it had been over a week and the 'chronic' anxiety that had 'magically' disappeared when I quit smoking was back. I was rabid and every single reason I quit - was verified.

 I would work my way through the mental process and tell myself "You just got to get through this night, tomorrow these urges will go away" but I would panic - give in - and then say "i'll do it tomorrow, this is the last time, if i quit tomorrow then what does one more night matter" then I had the realization - again - no. Just "no" this is slavery.

 So I remember it distinctly - I was going through all the same bullshit excuses and drama in my head and I was like - no. This is not worth it, I am not going to let that voice win. I am going to win. So I sat in my chair and I put my hands over my eyes and I could literally feel the anxiety-climax, the panic, the fear pass through my body. I turned on a movie, chewed on some ice, and I woke up, I didn't' smoke, and that moment was the climax of the re-ignited addiction. It went back away and I feel like I did before that temporary 'relapse'. I'm not sure if that "yeah I can quit so I can do it for just one night" is worth it. 

My newer revelation wasn't if I could do something but if I should. I was noticing that one of the 'best' excuses I had was the empowerment that  "I can quit" or that I 'could' smoke or drink and not have it be a problem and stop the next day or a couple days later. I really could/ can do that. What I realized is that isn't the real question, it's if I SHOULD. When I ask myself that the answer is almost always: "ehh, no, not really." and I don't. The next thing I know my life is great, i'm being productive and the best part is I really dont even think about it. There isn't' this "Could I? Should I? Why did I? When will I?" debate warring in my mind all the time. I'm just like 'nahh' maybe next month. and i'm back to work. I look at my life now, how I feel, the almost complete lack of anxiety and then I remember what it was like to be addicted - the anxiety, the shame, the guilt, - it didn't' feel good and I do not miss it and I do not want to feel that way again. Does that mean that i'm never, ever, going to do it again. I probably will. I'm not afraid of it though. Now that I know i'm capable of stopping and figured out what addiction is about it's no longer this looming and ominous force just itching to get out. If you do it again - stop again. Just make sure you dont do it again and then do it again and then do it again. You shouldn't be waiting to stop - you should be waiting to 'maybe' do it. See the difference? 

What's worked for me isn't a 'day at a time' because it's not a day to day struggle anymore. It's a special occasional, recreational, vacation, holiday - type of thing. That's not to say that I'm keeping myself from something good and that I enjoy or that I miss it but I don't have to think about it. I dont have to think 'never again' I just think - maybe I will someday soon. Then I go about my life.
  • If you're going to be in a situation where you're likely to smoke (drinking, vegas, etc) get an e-cig. Also if you're having trouble quitting - try switching to one. They are much easier to quit and will help break the more habitual/ ritual nature of smoking. They help you realize that it's a physical addiction based on withdrawal rather than an actual habit you enjoy. It's obviously better to just stop all together and avoid it but hey - it helps and it's better. Vuse is what i've used. 
  • *Remember sugar, salt, junk food, alcohol, __, are all essentially the same. Replace ___ with 'Smoking" and the same applies. 

Original Post:


Tobacco is the single greatest cause of preventable death globally.

Much of this post is based on imagining that addictive substances act like a tick. They give you nothing good but trick you into thinking they do just to  keep themselves attached to your body. 
Tobacco use leads most commonly to diseases affecting the heart, liver and lungs, with smoking being a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (including emphysema and chronic bronchitis), and cancer (particularly lung cancer, cancers of the larynx and mouth, and pancreatic cancer). It also causes peripheral vascular disease and hypertension. The effects depend on the number of years that a person smokes and on how much the person smokes. Starting smoking earlier in life and smoking cigarettes higher in tar increases the risk of these diseases. Also, environmental tobacco smoke, or secondhand smoke, has been shown to cause adverse health effects in people of all ages.[4] Cigarettes sold in underdeveloped countries tend to have higher tar content, and are less likely to be filtered, potentially increasing vulnerability to tobacco-related disease in these regions.

Warning: Anything that says that it offers an alternative to stop being addicted to an addictive substance is just trying to put off the inevitable. If you stop the cravings will go away. If you do something else instead - it is just putting it off. It's prolonging the process. If you are chewing a gum to quit smoking you are not quitting you are switching. The only way to stop is to stop. If there is a medication that says it will "help" it is not necessary it is trying to get you to buy it.

The only way you can stop is to stop!

This is a really long post but it doesn't have to be. I could sum it up a lot quicker but you might not understand the nuances. If your question was:

 "How do I stop being addicted to ___" 

the simple and true and 'easy' answer would be:

 "Stop taking ___" 

and after it and its withdrawal symptoms have left your body you will not longer be addicted or an addict. It's honestly that simple. Anything that goes against that logic is irrational thinking that is propagated by the addictive substance. It will trick you into any excuse to keep doing it. Those are all lies. Do you know what a lie means?


  • an intentionally false statement. 
  • used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression. 
  • get oneself into or out of a situation by lying. 
  • (of a thing) present a false impression; be deceptive. 

An addictive substance will trick you into lying to yourself to keep doing it. That is the truth - that the addictive substances are lying through you. They trick you into believing that you are an "addict" or "on their team" they are like cults.

 An addictive substance will try to convince those who use them that they are "addicts" and that once they are infected that they will always be - and cannot switch teams. Think about all the times you have judged people, on tv, in person - who are addicted to something and have had their lives ruined - and then just keep going back to the same substance. You blame THEM as if they are "addicts" and not that they are under the influence of an addictive substance. They are not a disease - they have been infected by one.

What you may not realize is that ANYONE and EVERYONE who is addicted to a substance currently is an "Addict" but once they stop doing it they are not longer an "Addict" they are someone who used to have an addiction to an addictive substance. If you have never smoked cigarettes and then wanted to test yourself and smoked a pack a day for a month as an experiment - you would become an addict. If you tried to quit you could go through all of the same things EVERYONE else who has ever been addictive felt.

Anyone who has coffee everyday - is an addict. Don't think so? Try to go a month without. You may be okay for about a day but then depending on how much you usually drink you'll start to go through withdrawls, your brain will come up with excuses to start drinking again.

"This is stupid, you could if you wanted, you dont have to prove it to anyone" etc etc.

 Then you'll get cranky, headaches, and possibly even nauseous and lethargic. Does this mean they are an 'addict' or does it just mean they are addicted to something that every single person who drinks it gets addicted to? Do you see the difference? It doesn't matter if one person is more enthusiastic or has an 'addictive personality' EVERYONE who takes an addictive substance for a certain amount of time will experience the same thing. Just like how anyone who drinks enough alcohol will get drunk. No one is special or immune.

Why are some people more easily addicted?

You may wonder why some people have more of a problem with addictive substances than others? Usually their life style allows for it or they have had problems that exacerbate it. Its not that they have something special about them or something wrong with them per say but that something usually has happened to them that makes them want a way out. They need to 'self medicate' because of some personal problem. The substance then becomes an additional problem. BUT someone without a problem could just as easily get addicted and have it become a problem. A grandma who gets addicted to pain pills after she breaks her hip who other wise didn't' have any problems is going to have the resources and motivation to stop that addiction. Someone who's been abused or has had a troubled life will go through the same addiction process but their life and other factors make it worse. Those around you also influence your ability to quit and make it harder - or easier.

What does someone who continues to smoke need to deny to keep smoking? :

  • Harms nearly every organ of the body
  • Causes many diseases and reduces the health of smokers in general
  • Smoking causes more deaths each year than all of these combined:4
    • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
    • Illegal drug use
    • Alcohol use
    • Motor vehicle injuries
    • Firearm-related incidents
    • More than 10 times as many U.S. citizens have died prematurely from cigarette smoking than have died in all the wars fought by the United States during its history.1
    • Smoking causes about 90% (or 9 out of 10) of all lung cancer deaths in men and women.1,2More women die from lung cancer each year than from breast cancer.5
    • About 80% (or 8 out of 10) of all deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are caused by smoking.1
    • Cigarette smoking increases risk for death from all causes in men and women.1
    • The risk of dying from cigarette smoking has increased over the last 50 years in men and women in the United States.1
  • Smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to develop heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer.
    • Smoking is estimated to increase the risk—
      • For coronary heart disease by 2 to 4 times1,6
      • For stroke by 2 to 4 times1
      • Of men developing lung cancer by 25 times1
      • Of women developing lung cancer by 25.7 times1
    • Smoking causes diminished overall heath, such as self-reported poor health, increased absenteeism from work, and increased health care utilization and cost.1

    Smoking can cause cancer almost anywhere in your body:1,2 (See figure above)

    • Bladder
    • Blood (acute myeloid leukemia)
    • Cervix
    • Colon and rectum (colorectal)
    • Esophagus
    • Kidney and ureter
    • Larynx
    • Liver
    • Oropharynx (includes parts of the throat, tongue, soft palate, and the tonsils)
    • Pancreas
    • Stomach
    • Trachea, bronchus, and lung

    If nobody smoked, one of every three cancer deaths in the United States would not happen.1,2Smoking increases the risk of dying from cancer and other diseases in cancer patients and survivors.

If you look at people who have been infected by a flu and say "I would never act like that if I was infected" and then got the flu - you would realize that it has NOTHING to do with the person but that everyone suffers the same symptoms from the same infection. The person is not an "addict" the substance is "addictive!" If you think you are immune you are wrong. You also have to realize that once these people who were 'addicts" or addictive to something specific are no longer 'addicts' once it has left their system. If you treat them as "addicts" or think that they are the "type of person who can get addicted" you are completely wrong. Everyone - every single person would become an addict if they did it. if you make them believe that they have something inherently wrong with them for "being able to be infected" that is like saying that if someone catches a cold that the symptoms are their fault and not that everyone who has that same cold has and would have the exact same symptoms.

There is no such thing as an "addict" who isn't addicted to something.

The best way to imagine an addiction is by comparing it to a bacterial infection. If you get infected by a certain bacteria it will invade your body - replicate itself - cause certain symptoms and then your body will use it's immune system to destroy it and eliminate it from your body and then it will be completely gone. If that same bacteria gets in your system again - the same process occurs. So if you asked: "How do I stop getting infected" the answer would be - "Do not let that bacteria back in your system." The 'bacteria" is a drug - which causes an addiction "Infection" to your body and its main symptom is a desire to crave more of itself - Addictive. So it's like a bacterial infection, a cold, that makes you hungry for a type of food that that bacteria usually infects. It does this so you will get 're-infected' so the bacteria stays in your body indefinitely.

So the real question about addiction to addictive substances (bacteria) is actually really quite simple - you stop doing the thing that is getting you re-infected. If someone came up to you and said they got an infection every time they bought a certain type of food and that infection made them crave that type of food so the infection never went away - what would you tell them?

STOP buying that food and the infection will go away and then so would the craving for it - and then if you didn't do it again it wouldn't come back. That is exactly what an addiction is. It is an infection that tricks you into propagating itself and keeping you infected.

What makes someone addicted? An addictive substance that they keep doing. What happen if they stop doing it? They are no longer addicted to it. What happens if they keep doing it before that addiction wears off - in the same way that someone who keeps getting a bacterial infection before their body has a chance to erase it from their system - they will stay infected.

The only way to stop being an addict is to stop doing the addictive substances because they will keep you addicted until they have left your body completely. If you have an infection and then it heals itself and is gone you cannot get re-infected unless you re-infect yourself by introducing the bacteria that caused it. If you do not repeat the process - you will and cannot be re-infected.

So if you STOP smoking, or taking an addictive (infectious) substance once it has been healed and removed from you system it will not come back unless you re-infect yourself. An addiction is like an infection that affects your mind and makes you re-infect yourself to avoid the sensation of removing it from your body - which is called withdrawal.

If you stop smoking you will go through a certain period of withdrawal symptoms and they include irritability, cravings, mood swings, - things that are just like going through symptoms of a cold or flue (like symptoms) once these symptoms are done and the nicotine is out of your system these symptoms go away. If you inject the infection back in your system again - you will re-start the cycle of taking and removing it from you system. One of the symptoms is a craving to stop the withdrawal by re-starting the process -which is what you indulge each time you light up your next cigarette.

If you go through the healing process of your body getting the infection out of your body the cravings and other symptoms will go away and will not come back unless you get re-infected.

So smoking makes you want to smoke more and each time you stop you will go through withdrawal symptoms and these include the craving to make them go away by smoking more. the only way to stop feeling those uncomfortable cravings is either to smoke again and again and again for the rest of your life - killing yourself in the process - or to work through those feelings and wait until they go away. Lets say that the only way you can get infected is by cutting your finger and the putting it on a certain flower. Then it will infect you and that infection makes you want to cut your finger and touch flowers again and again. Then if you don't it makes you feel like you are sick and the only way to become not sick - is to cut your finger and touch a flower. So you can either keep doing that -repeating that cycle indefinitely or you can go through the withdraw symptoms and then never do it again. But you wont' realize that you won't feel better until you stop doing it and get past the withdrawal symptoms.

So if you are a smoker (addicted to nicotine) as soon as you put out a cigarette you are re-setting a clock of withdrawal that will not go away until:
  • 1. You smoke again or 
  • 2. It runs out and then the addiction stops. 

The clock goes along with bad feelings - symptoms like irritability cravings and headaches etc. If you go back to smoking to make those symptoms go away you just re-start the clock. If you go through the symptoms then you don't re-start the clock you stop it completely and if you never go back again - you will never feel those symptoms again. If you get over a flu - you don't get flue symptoms again until you get another flu.

The biggest symptom of taking an addictive substance is that it makes you crave doing it again. That craving will not go away unless you stop doing it for a certain amount of time. That is why you cannot quit or feel not feel like you are an addict - until you stop doing it and then wait for those symptoms to go away. After those symptoms are gone you no longer having a craving for those substances.

It's like avoiding doing a homework assignment cause it causes you stress when you know the only way to make the stress of not doing it will only go away once you are finished with it.

If every time you touch a certain door-handle you get a cold and that cold's symptoms makes you want to touch door-handles - you will never stop wanting to touch door handles until your body heals itself from that cold. Get it?

The addictive chemical keeps you going back to doing things that adds more of itself to your body and if you don't it will punish you with cravings. If you don't give into them then they go away and will never come back if you don't do them again. It tricks you into believing that you will always feel those cravings even after you are no longer sick but it is lying to you!

Remember what a lie is? It's a false statement. When an addict says that they think they will miss an addictive substance once they quit it - that is the addiction talking.

After the withdrawal - cravings went away - I no longer had an urge, a missing, to smoke again. While I was in withdrawal my mind kept trying to convince me that I "Missed it" but it was a LIE.

It keeps you sick by saying that you will miss being sick so you should keep re-infecting yourself. It's a lie. It tricks you into lying to yourself and using your mind to come up with any excuse to keep it alive.


I "quit" smoking about half a year ago or more. I smoked for about a month after that -through December-- and then stopped again at new years. Then I "quit" again.

One night I smoked only two cigarettes and this realization came to me - again - it was "do not smoke" and that is what I don't just want to say but have to say. If you are a smoker - stop.

 Stop right now - and never ever smoke again. 
If you smoke again - then repeat the same process. 
Who cares if you smoked - just stop again. You did it before - do it again. Who cares how long it's been. Stop. 

You are not a latent addict you are someone who got re-addicted to an addictive substance. 

"Once an addict - always an addict" 


You are only addicted or an addict if you are currently addicted to something. Once it is out of your system and the withdrawals are gone you are not longer addicted - and no longer an "addict' you were "addictED." 

If you had an infection and then it goes away you are not an "infected" person. The nature of addicting substances is to trick you into thinking that you will WANT to come back to it. That is how it works. It creates an artificial hunger - to feed itself. To eat something that you don't need.

You may be thinking to yourself: Duh - I know what addiction is. If you did then you wouldn't be addicted to something. If you think addiction is a chronic disease you are being deceived by the addictive substances! That is their greatest weapon and a myth that is propagated by people who want to keep you going back. They make being an 'addict' their identity in the same way people milk being a victim. "I can't do that because i'm an addict" - what are you addicted to? "I used to smoke" - so you're still addicted to it? No I haven't smoked in years!

Being an addict is something you are when you are in between doing something and when it is still in your system. If you have a cold - you are 'sick' but you are not now a 'sick person' forevermore!

The biggest deception and the reason addictive substances keep people coming back to themselves is that they trick you into believing that you have been "infected" forever. It's their biggest LIE:

  • used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression. 

The lie that is created is that you are an addict - and not just someone with an addicTION. You become addictED - but once you stop you are no longer addictED and are no longer and ADDICT. It's like being labeled a criminal for not stopping at a stop sign. Then since "you are a criminal" you think that you have to rob a bank or something. It's absurd to think that.

"I have an addictive personality!"

What are you talking about? Every SINGLE PERSON who takes an addictive substance will become addicted to it. The only thing that differentiates an addict and someone who only experimented a few times and stopped is - that they STOPPED. There is no difference between someone who never smoked, smoked twice, or for a couple years and quit - and someone who smoked 5 min ago.

If you are trying to quit and then are about to bring a cigarette to your mouth think to your self and repeat every single time you think to yourself " I want to smoke" - this is slavery.


You're not an 'addict" you are addicted to this drug "nicotine" that will never let you go until you let it go. It has enslaved you. Nothing you do, no 'excuse' or 'reason' will ever be enough.

I wrote this a while ago and then thought I couldn't post it because I had to edit it, cause i might have spelled something wrong, or it might be too weird. Uh - This is the thought process that enabled me to stop smoking.

For me to be wary of posting something that I wrote that actually helped me - that worked - because i used the wrong gamer or I misspelled something is ridiculous. This could be something that could save someone's life - and for me to be cautious - in any way - because of my language or verb tense or whatever - is so fucking stupid.

I was smoking almost two packs a day - of these things that will kill me. This is what I realized would not just maybe work - but the mentality that would enable me to stop doing it.

I'm not selling you something. You can keep smoking - and you will die from it. That is your choice.

What I realized was that one of the biggest reason that people don't quit is that they think they will forever miss it and that it will be 'forevermore.' This is a complete fallacy and is only the addiction talking. You are not giving up something that is good for you or was a positive thing in your life. It's not like a billionaire-supermodel-genius breaking up with you. It's much more like getting vermin out of your house.

What I can tell you, from looking back on it is that it is a 'blessing' not a curse. You don't think to yourself "man, remember the days when I COULD Smoke - that was so nice. I wish I could again" - NOOOOOOO that is not what you think and not what you should imagine it's that is a reason you do not smoke. It's more like thinking "Wow, I was so stupid, but I was not disillusion I was addicted to an addictive substance - that only had negative side effects, I am so glad I quit my life has dramatically improved because I did."

You will not "miss it" at all. You will not have a "void" or a hole that will be trying to lure you back for the rest of you life. It's not a lover that "got away" that you want to be with and can never forget cause they were so amazing. It's a tick that was on you - draining your life away - little by little - killing you - robbing you- enslaving you - and giving you nothing back but a 'feeling' and that 'feeling' was ONLY a sensation of satiation. A sensation - a relief that ONLY came from the withdraw between one cigarette to the NEXT.

If you stop smoking and go THROUGH the withdraw and do not smoke again - you will get an even BETTER and "forever" more feeling of 'satisfaction' which before only came to you with your next cigarette. That feeling of "gotta have one" or "I need it" gets worse and worse and lessens - and then goes away completely. The only reason people go back after the withdraws are gone and they feel better and their life is improved is a case of INSANITY.

It's NOT the same thing as not talking to someone you want to - because you think they won't like you or are afraid to say what you really think - and maybe something good could come from 'manning up" - THAT is not the same reason you don't smoke. It's not a long lost lover you are afraid of talking to. It is a tick that will attach itself to you if you go back.

So why do people go back if they know this? Stupidity. There is not a 'good' reason. It's the same type of reason that people cut themselves or that are 500 lbs and eat another fucking brownie. It's .. not what you think it is. It's ... what is called: l' appel du vide or the "Call of the void" it's what Freud called a death instinct or death drive.

"In classical Freudian psychoanalytic theory, the death drive (German: Todestrieb) is the drive towards death, self-destruction and the return to the inorganic: "the hypothesis of a death instinct, the task of which is to lead organic life back into the inanimate state".[1] It was originally proposed by Sigmund Freud in 1920 in Beyond the Pleasure Principle, where in his first published reference to the term he wrote of the "opposition between the ego or death instincts and the sexual or life instincts".[2] In this work, Freud used the plural "death drives" (Todestriebe) much more frequently than in the singular.[3] The death drive opposes Eros, the tendency toward survival, propagation, sex, and other creative, life-producing drives."

In a way, if you get past the addictive part and stop smoking - and realize it WILL KILL YOU - and will RE-ADDICT you, like putting a tick back on you - if you go back you are tempting fate. You are rebelling like someone tempting a tiger. You know it can kill you and is an addictive substance that does nothing 'good' for you - and that the bad far far far far far far far far far far outweighs the 'good'. wait.. I think there are 'two' reasons.

One is that the addiction has placed a 'fail safe' measure in your head. It polluted your memories and clouded them with " good thoughts " like it permanently pee'd on your brain - marking it's territory. It only fades if you stop letting it in your brain - this is an actual physical reminder like an actual memory. It acts exactly like a virus - which - after you disinfect it - you must REMEMBER or else you wouldn't be able to recognize it - and disinfect it again. You can think of it like wrapping that covers something reallllllly bad and 'evil' and you know what it is but it's wrapped in a piece of paper that says:

 "I am nice. I am good. You will want me. Please help me! I LOVE YOU!!!"

 - and you know what's inside - it's a piece of shit that is only bad for you but it disguises itself as a good thing. It also is able to change it's wrapper to say whatever it can to TRICK you!!! It is a lie. So if you think to yourself "Why do people go back to smoking?" It's that the drug, the nicotine, the addiction, leaves behind a "fail safe" mechanism that gives that person a way out. A way to say "fuck it I don't care" and in all honesty is a way to kill themselves slowly. 

Why would someone poke at a tiger? They are tempting fate. If you knew 100% that the tiger would kill you - would you still poke at it? Apparently millions - billions - of people do every day. Why we do it - varies but the main reason, with smoking and drugs (and the drugs in food) is that they are addictive.

Addictive means they physically 'force' you to seek out more and when you don't you have an artificial "hunger." A craving. An urge. A desire, After that physical withdrawal gets OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM - the reason you go back is the 'memory of the satiation or the lessening of a bad feeling' or you have a memory of it 'feeling good' or giving you good feelings.

You forget that it's a 1 second "high" that comes with lung cancer, bad breath, etc etc etc etc. You also forget that the actual "high" only happens rarely. It's a gamble. What you are really remembering isn't the actual 'high' you are remembering the feeling of stopping withdrawal symptoms. So if you are feeling anxious or 'bad' or even if you are feeling good and you want to feel "better" you will remember that "'indulging" made you "feel better" - when in reality you are deceiving yourself.

You are not remembering what the real story was: smoking didn't make me "feel good" it only made me stop feeling uncomfortable - and I felt uncomfortable because the DRUG in the 'smoking' was addictive! The reason people think of smoking as being a cause of good feelings is that it causes a 'good feeling' when you RE-DO-IT to avoid the discomfort of NOT DOING IT. It's the in-between feeling. I feel like I have to say this in twenty different ways because you will doubt it - cause I know I did.

"How many times do I have to hear this?" 
Until you listen! 

Until you understand it! You have to understand the nature of it. Addiction is a living lie. It will manipulate you and change and adapt - and will manifest itself in any way YOU CAN IMAGINE because it is a lie that you tell yourself. It's a "gremlin in the machine" the machine is our mind. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. It's whatever we imagine it to be besides what it actually is. Whenever someone thinks anything other than "It is addictive" is a lie. Imagine addiction to be a tick that you put on yourself - and it feeds on you and does nothing for you but take away your life. Then it brainwashes you into thinking that you need and want it stuck on you. It is so 'smart' that it uses your imagination to do this. It lets YOU come up with reasons for keeping it there or putting it back. EVEN if you know what it is and what it does.

It's deceptive it the most convincing way - it enables you to deceive yourself in any way you can think of.

  • I'm sad.
  • I'm happy.
  • I'm celebrating.
  • I'm depressed.
  • I just ate.
  • It's tradition.
  • It's my birthday.
  • I don't care.
  • X

It enables you to generate X - and tricks you into thinking that as long as you can come up with an X - and believe it - then you can justify it.

The list is infinite but the actual reason comes down to one very simple reason- It's addictive. That's what addiction is - it's something that makes you believe you want or need it.

The cutie Deceiver 

Imagine there is this legless and blind child on the street begging for help. He appears that he really needs help.So you don't just give him some change - you bring him back to your house and adopt him. The next morning when you wake up he is gone and so are all of your tv's. You can think to yourself that he and your tv's were stolen or you could realize that - that little bastard stole them. You go back out and see that he is back on the street and you also realize that he was faking that he was blind and that he used your compassion against you. He TRICKED you. That is his trade - his profession - to trick people. Now imagine that you go to confront him and say: Why did you steal my tv's and pretend you are blind!? - and he says back, in the cutest way possible:

" I am blind, I didn't steal your tv's I need help, help me!" - and so you take him back to your house and re-adopt him - and then he steals your tv's again!

Addiction is like falling in love with this little bastard that doesn't love you back. It will take any form possible but ultimately it is a trickster and a liar and a fraud - that presents itself as anything possible to make you adopt it - and then miss it once' it's gone - but it's a lie. It's a cute little puppy that acts like it wants to be pet- and then bites you -then apologizes and says "pet me again!" and bits you again - and then does the same thing over and over and over.

"The Scorpion and the Frog is an animal fable about a scorpion asking a frog to carry him across a river. The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature. The fable is used to illustrate the position that the natural behaviour of some creatures is inevitable, no matter how they are treated and no matter what the consequences. It is also used to illustrate that a person (frog) is to blame for the trouble they are in if it was caused by associating with another (scorpion) they know to be no good."


(This needs to be cleaned up and highly edited but I thought I would post it in the meantime. I wrote it all in one sitting so it's very rough and random.)

This is something I started writing for my book but ended up in a different direction. I thought I would share it because it is what I have learned about addiction from being an addict - and that it wasn't what I thought it was. I wasn't who I thought I was, I was not an "Addict" I was suffering from an addiction. I was smoking almost 2 pack of cigarettes a day and didn't understand how I went from hating and not even having the slightest curiosity or desire to smoke one to them basically fucking me over in every way possible. They take your time, you money, your teeth, your lungs, your attention, they give you anxiety and depression and there is absolutely NO benefit to them what so ever. They don't even get you high. They just give you anxiety and cravings that will not go away until you smoke the next one and that just starts over 2 seconds after the first puff.

So you don't smoke to smoke - you smoke so you don't have to crave smoking? When if you didn't smoke in the first place you wouldn't be craving it at all?

It made no sense to me - but yet I couldn't stop myself from smoking. I knew that the more I smoked - the more I wanted to smoke even more - not less! Pretty soon I would go from having "only one" to 2.5 packs without a break but smoking them faster and faster - and it didn't make me want to stop it made me want EVEN MORE? WTF was going on? IT was like trying to lose weight by eating, but unlike eating I didn't even have to be smoking in the first place and I didn't even ENJOY It. All I wanted was to stop. And instead of stopping I would just smoke more! Which would make me want to smoke more! I couldn't figure it out. AND then I finally did. It was as simple as I already knew but was unwilling to accept:


It can't be that easy, it can't be that simple! If it was then everyone who wanted to quit, including myself would have already! It must be complicated! SO, as I am VERY good at, I made it complicated, obsessed about it, made it convoluted, and only came back full circle - exactly where I started. How do you stop smoking then? What secret did I finally figure out? That only some people seem to find and other never do. That every single person who has quit smoking has found out but which no smoker will accept? How do you stop smoking?


There is no way around it or other answer. Trust me, I've looked everywhere possible - and what you are about to read isn't the secret - I've already told you and you already knew - I am sharing with you my story about what it took me to realize and come to accept the humiliatingly truth that I knew all along. That you also probably already know but are unwilling to accept. I hope that this helps you. I also hope that you realize that the information is exactly the same for every addictive substance -change the word 'nicotine' to "Serotonin, or Oxycontin, or alcohol, or gambling" the process is exactly the same - including the most addictive drug of all: Love.

The Trap

If someone owned a restaurant you could probably trust the place that feeds their own children there. If they are happy and healthy that’s a very good sign. If everyone you see in that restaurant is FAT AND SICK AND DYING – you probably shouldn't eat there because what they are feeding is what is making them FAT and unhealthy. You especially shouldn't eat there or try the food if everyone who has been able to leave the restaurant says:

"It's a trap! do not even take a bite that's how they get you to stay, See those fat and miserable people eating? They are really prisoners!"

Nicotine is a potent parasympathomimetic alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants (Solanaceae) and a stimulant drug. It is a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist. It is made in the roots and accumulates in the leaves of the plants. It constitutes approximately 0.6–3.0% of the dry weight of tobacco[1] and is present in the range of 2–7 µg/kg of various edible plants.[2] It functions as an antiherbivore chemical; consequently, nicotine was widely used as aninsecticide in the past[3][4] and nicotine analogs such as imidacloprid are currently widely used.
In smaller doses (an average cigarette yields about 1 mg of absorbed nicotine), the substance acts as a stimulant in mammals, while high amounts (50–100 mg) can be harmful.[5][6][7] This stimulant effect is likely a major contributing factor to the dependence-forming properties of tobacco smoking, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers and liquid nicotine vapourizers.[citation needed] According to the American Heart Association, nicotine addiction has historically been one of the hardest addictions to break, while the pharmacological and behavioral characteristics that determine nicotine addiction are similar to those determining addiction to heroin and cocaine. The nicotine content of popular American-brand cigarettes has slowly increased over the years, and one study found that there was an average increase of 1.78% per year between the years of 1998 and 2005. This was found for all major market categories of cigarettes.[8]Research in 2011 found that nicotine inhibits chromatin-modifying enzymes (class I and II histone deacetylases); this inhibition has been shown to increase the ability of cocaine to cause an addiction.[9]

They put up a sign that says

"Free samples, but beware it's soo good I bet you can't have just one! One puff and you just cant' stop!"

 and next to that sign they put:

 "Warning if you eat too much it will kill you."

 There is just ONE thing that you just can't explain - that thing that spikes your curiosity (and we know what happened to the cat) - there are NO bars on the windows, or locks on the doors, - they are always open and inviting? They seem so friendly, those people could leave the restaurant anytime they want! This must be a trick, a reverse psychology thing! They just don't want me to try their food! They are afraid that I'll like it so much that I'll take it all or steal their recipes!

All the signs, the evidence, the studies, AND the people who have been there and escaped all point to the same thing - that it's poisonous and not only will it kill you it will trick you into not wanting to stop. They tell you it's a trap, and for some reason you think that somehow you are special and better and stronger that the millions of others who all say the exact same thing. You don't have to do it, the doors are always open but that's the exact reason you want to go in and try it.

You want to TEST, to TOUCH the hot stove. You think that you would rather burn a finger than not know why these people are saying one thing and then DOING another. 

They say: "Do not go in this restaurant and do not eat the food it's bad for you" but they say this from inside the restaurant and with food still stuck in their teeth! 

You don't touch the pan for the first time because you know that it will burn, you touch it because you do not understand what being burned is. You are like a kid who knows what pain is, you know what heat is, but you do not understand that while you cannot see the pan in flames, it really is hot. You don't believe it because you have not experienced "burned" and this is exactly why people touch the pan. Not because they want to get hurt but because they want to know what "burned" feels like.

If people really understood the true nature of addiction they would not touch the pan in the first place. The nature of addiction is that even though it burns you, you will keep touching the pan over and over, burning yourself, because it convinces you not to love the pain, but tricks you into thinking that it's actually more pleasurable after the burning goes away than to have ever been burned at all. That it will make you come to believe that the only time you can feel relief from the burning is between the time you touch the pan - and the next time you touch it again. That is relief. It makes you forget that before you touched the pan you never had anything to be relieved from!

"Why do we keep hitting ourselves in the hand with a hammer? Because it feels so good when we stop."

This is the nature of addiction. We don't love the pain, or the hammer, or hammering! We fall in love with the feelings it gives us when we stop - and forget that we would feel that way all the time if we would stop hitting ourselves. It's a feeling of "Relief" that we confuse with feeling 'good'. We make ourselves hurt so we can create a new pain threshold which will recede - and it's that recession we are after.

The problem is that other people know about this "Phantom pain" and they use it to trick us into buying hammers! They say it's going to hurt, but you'll like the feelings it gives you - when it's not giving you anything you do not already have!

IF they are selling you food instead of a hammer they say: "It will make you fat if you eat too much, but no one is forcing you to eat it - and besides it tastes so good!"

SO they say “it only has 100 calories a serving, it’s not going to make you fat, people get fat if they eat 10,000 calories a day, and it takes months!” and the fine print says “A serving is only a piece” and that if you eat the whole thing it will be 10,000 CALORIES at ONCE.

Then what they do is they include ‘flavors’ or “toppings’ or ‘preservatives’ for ‘taste’ and ‘freshness’ and hope you don’t realize that what they are adding are actually ADDICTIVE. So not only are you going to eat the whole thing, you are going to want more of it even after you are full! Because you are not craving calories (because if you are fat or full you already have enough) you are craving the ADDITIVES.

You are not craving smoke - you are craving the additives, the chemicals that come with it.

If cigarettes did not have nicotine people would not be smoking 3 packs a day through yellow teeth, bad breath, cancerous lungs, and sigma and the stigma that goes along with BEING ADDICTED, what are you addicted to? Nicotine which they ADD to CIGARETTES. You are NOT addicted to tobacco or smoking, and it is not a habit, it is a NICOTINE addiction. If this wasn't true then people wouldn't get addicted to the GUM that they use to quit smoking, or the E cigs that just provide more NICOTINE.

If it was a habit people would be walking around with straws in their mouth instead of a cig and wouldn't even care that it didn't have nicotine. A habit is biting your nails or walking in a certain way to your car. You don't pay for gum, or park in a different stop, or get a new car, or buy a new house, or got to AA meetings to change the path of how you walk to your car. Biting your nails does not destroy your life and give you cancer and cost you money and people quit biting their nails without even realizing it. That IS A HABIT. I bite my nails when i'm nervous and when i'm not nervous I do not bite my nails. I stop biting my nails and do not even realize it until I have to trim them! People who smoke do not suddenly say: Hmm that's interesting I haven't smoked in a week and didn't even realize it!

People don’t want their coffee because they enjoy the taste, it’s bitter! They come to think they like the bitter taste because they associate it with the caffeine – a VERY addictive chemical. People do not drink energy drinks or soda for the calories, or the taste they drink them for the caffeine and SUGAR (Both addictive). You know how kids are always BEGGING for soda? It's not because they are thirsty or because it tastes so good, they don't beg for water unless they actually need it, they want the soda for the CAFFEINE because it makes them HIGH and they want more and more because it is ADDICTIVE. They ADD caffeine to soda and SUGAR - because they know this. They also know that SUGAR is ADDICTIVE. When you give kids soda it is like giving them a cigarette but that doesn't give you lung cancer but makes you hyper and fat!

Caffeine's side effects are hyperactivity and sugars side effects are weight gain because it has a lot of CALORIES which the body then turns to FAT. This is why they have DIET soda without SUGAR or CALORIES - but it does have CAFFEINE - which is why you are drinking it. Why else would you get a craving for disgusting brown water? You get used to the taste, but you come back for the chemicals. The Non-alcoholic beverage industry is booming right? That water is just flying off the shelves. They can charge 5$ for carrot, right?

The more you smoke the more you want to smoke, you don’t have one cig a day and say:

“mmm that tasted so good I feel great!”

No you can’t wait until you smoke, which you know you shouldn't and is KILLING you, and then you take one hit and you’re like MMM NICOTINE and 2 seconds later you are are like;

"Uh I hate smoking I should quit, I’ll do it tomorrow!"

As you light up another cig.

The first, and especially the second, makes you feel gross and it tastes bad in your mouth but by the time half a pack is gone you don’t even taste it anymore. The more you smoke the more you want the next cigarette- to the point that if you could you would sit and chain smoke, all day, everyday. Which I ended up doing myself! Anyone who smokes would share this fate if they were enabled to do so.

Which is exactly how people get to be 800 lbs. Which is why people never take a cig out of their mouth but when they are sleeping and the only thing that keeps others from not smoking that much or getting “That fat” isn't because they are mentally stronger or they are “NOT ADDICTED – it's just a habit” but because they are not able to smoke that much or eat that much because they do not have the TIME or resources or lifestyle to.

Think about how much time it would take to gain 600lbs? You could only gain about a lb a day, and every time you moved and were not eating you would start to lose the weight you were trying to gain? You couldn't go to school, you couldn't play sports, you couldn't do anything that was actually active, and you couldn't spend much time NOT EATING. People get obese because they are eating too much, too often, and not moving. You could not get to be 600lbs unless you ate ALL DAY EVERYDAY for a LONG TIME.

When someone morbidly obese says: "Well I really don't eat that much"


 If someone is obviously so emaciated that they cannot walk and are 5'11 and weigh 80lbs and say "I eat all the time"


If you saw someone who was buffer than mr Universe and he said "I don't work out that much"


If you see someone chain smoking and say "it's just a habit, i'm trying to quit"


If they are lying to themselves as well as you - we call this being in denial. 

If they are not denying it but ignoring it - we call this ignorance. 

 If they know all of this and are doing it anyways -knowingly- we call them being an Addict.

 "I know cigs are bad for me and I smoke too much and I would like to quit" - you are accepting that there is a problem (step #1 is acknowledging the problem ) and then step #2 is fixing it.

 So how do we do that? We figure out what the nature of addiction is! The nature of addiction is directly, and only associated with an ADDICTIVE substance. You must know what these substances are, accept they are addictive, and also realize that they will not stop making you addicted to them until you no longer take them.

They will never let up on you until you give them up.

If you put someone in a room with nothing to do but smoke, they would never stop until they died. And it’s cumulative so that the more they smoked the more they would want. If you put someone who had never smoked in the same room, they would be like:

"Umm I know this is bad for me and that if I smoke one I will get addicted and will want more and it will kill me – so I should probably not smoke."

Or if they smoke one they would be like – “*cough*cough* gross I don’t get it! this is’ disgusting!” And they would be right! They wouldn't want to smoke another one.

But if they got a little “high” from it, if something CLICKED and attached itself in their head and “Caught on” they would be like:

"hmmm that felt good for a second, I want to feel that again I don’t have anything else to do, I won't get addicted."

And so they smoke another one. Ohh, that felt tingly, and they do this again and again. And pretty soon they do not feel that sensation anymore but they only feel the NEED, the desire, the CRAVING for another puff. Not because they like smoking or the smoke itself but because that is how an ADDICTIVE substance – nicotine - works!

It makes you WANT MORE OF IT even though you don’t need it and when you give it more – it just wants MORE of itself. This is how it “hooks you” and why the only way to get out of that cycle is to BREAK IT. You have to remember how you were before you had that first cig, how bad it tasted and smelled and that it has no benefit, it makes you have bad breath and yellow teeth and gives you cancer – and that IT WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DO NOT STOP, it could be in a couple months, a couple years, a few years, 20 years but every single cig you have is taking your ‘life time‘ away from you.

It’s like putting a little piece of sugar in a car’s engine. One – would do nothing. 2 - nothing but after 2 packs a day for years you have now added tablespoons of sugar to your engine! What happens if you add enough sugar to a car engine, it blocks it up until eventually it runs bad, starts knocking (Coughing) and then it will – of course – STOP running.

You do not see 90 year old morbidly obese people. You do not see old meth addicts. The doctors and studies are not lying -you will die from these things. You can slowly saw at your arm, it doesn't matter how slow you go if you do not stop you will eventually cut off your arm. This is not magic probability with fuzzy logic that is trying to trick you. Smoking gives you cancer and cancer will kill you. Is that not true? Millions of people died that way.

There is someone hooked up to chemo RIGHT NOW who said:

“Not everyone who smokes gets cancer” 

And they do not realize that they didn’t finish the sentence:

“Not everyone who smokes gets cancer before they die from something else!”

 The truth is that if you smoke it will give you cancer. The more you smoke the quicker it will happen. But the reverse is NOT TRUE, the less you smoke the less likely it will give you cancer, or the slower – NO someone could smoke ½ a pack a day and get cancer and die in a year – at 20years old! Someone who is 15 can get so overweight that they have a heart attack at 16! You can play the numbers game all you want but like in gambling – the house always wins. You are covering your ears when people tell you this and yelling “lalalalala I’m not listening” – as you smoke more, and you eat more, and you use the statistics in your favor! How retarded is that?!

“Well you know only 4/5 of the people who smoke get cancer, so I have a chance!” 

uhh, did you not hear yourself? The 1/5 who smoked that didn’t get cancer is because they didn’t get it YET, or because they died of “natural causes” like getting hit by a bus – BEFORE it gave them cancer.

If I said: Here drink this glass of vodka it will get you drunk. And you say: Whatever I don’t believe you! So you take a sip and you say:

 “Nope! NOT DRUNK! Hahahaha!”

 and I said

“No, not a sip, you have to drink the whole cup and it won't hit you right away but you will get drunk for sure, trust me.”

 So you are like

 “whatever, and chug the whole glass in one fell gulp!” and say “


And then before you know it you are drunk. Now if I say – that is what happens when you drink alcohol – it will make you drunk and it will give you a hangover if you drink too much and if you drink TOO much for too long – it will kill you.

So are you going to be like: “Hmm I should drink that whole bottle to find out if it will kill me?!”

If 99% of the people who did it would die from it – why are you trying to be the “exception?”

 Isn't that what every single other person, the 4/5 thought?

 Do you think they really wanted to ruin their families lives, leave them without a father or mother or son, or put them through a slow and painful death by chemotherapy? To give themselves cancer? And all because they wanted to smoke? They didn't think people actually got cancer? That it was impossible that they would?

NO, they didn't stop because they were addicted to it and in denial that it would kill them, or that even if it did it wouldn't happen for a ‘while’ - that is how addiction tricks you. It makes you mentally retarded! 1 + 1 is potato!!!!

It’s not “maybe” if I put sugar in my tank it will break – it WILL. Nicotine is a POISON that is BAD FOR YOU and CAUSES CANCER. That in enough quantities will CAUSE all kinds of health PROBLEMS and then KILL YOU. We call this “Cancer” and what is cancer but our bodies’ breaking down and running badly until they can no longer repair themselves and stop running = DEATH.

People die, you’re going to die, people get cancer, cigarettes give people cancer, if you smoke you will get cancer – accept this. It’s not “Maybe” it’s true.

If you did not have a tolerance for nicotine and someone injected you with the amount of nicotine that is found in ONE cig it would STOP YOUR HEART and KILL YOU. We only get a certain amount from inhaling the smoke but if they injected the amount in the total cig, just one, it would poison you to death. It’s like bee stings – one just stings, 2 stings more, 20 and it could cause your lungs to swell and make it hard to breathe, 200 and you dead. For some people it takes less, for some only one (allergic) or some have a tolerance for bee stings. BUT if you were to inject enough into anyone at one time no matter how tolerant they were – it would kill them. 100% as if you were to imagine that everyone would die it they held their breath too long. Some can only do it for seconds, other's minutes, others 20min, but if you do not breathe you will die.

It is a poison.

 If someone drank enough alcohol they would DIE. Someone who is an alcoholic could drink 4 bottles of wine a day, they would get drunk but they would not die. It would be killing them slowly but they might not die right away. If someone who wasn't used to drinking that much, someone who’s body had not become accustomed to it drank the same amount it would KILL THEM. Alcohol “poisoning” – this is a real thing.

People die every day from alcohol and nicotine- they are the leading causes of deaths in the entire world. We think:

“That won’t happen to us and if it did then it won’t be for 20 years I’ll quit before then”

What do you think those people who DIED today told themselves? What do you think the people who put that first cig to their mouth said “I won't get addicted that only happens to other people and I could quit anyways, I’m “strong” I’m “Special”


Nicotine's mood-altering effects are different by report: in particular it is both a stimulant and a relaxant.[10] First causing a release of glucose from the liver and epinephrine(adrenaline) from the adrenal medulla, it causes stimulation. Users report feelings of relaxation, sharpness, calmness, and alertness.[11] Like any stimulant, it may very rarely cause the often uncomfortable neuropsychiatric effect of akathisia. By reducing the appetite and raising the metabolism, some smokers may lose weight as a consequence.[12][13]When a cigarette is smoked, nicotine-rich blood passes from the lungs to the brain within seven seconds and immediately stimulates the release of many chemical messengers such as acetylcholinenorepinephrineepinephrine,arginine vasopressinserotonindopamine, and beta-endorphin.[14] [15] This release of neurotransmitters and hormones is responsible for most of nicotine's psychoactive effects. Nicotine appears to enhance concentration[16] and memory due to the increase of acetylcholine. It also appears to enhance alertness due to the increases of acetylcholine and norepinephrineArousal is increased by the increase of norepinephrinePain is reduced by the increases ofacetylcholine and beta-endorphin. Anxiety is reduced by the increase of beta-endorphin. Nicotine also extends the duration of positive effects of dopamine[17] and increases sensitivity in brain reward systems.[18] Most cigarettes (in the smoke inhaled) contain 1 to 3 milligrams of nicotine.[19]Research suggests that, when smokers wish to achieve a stimulating effect, they take short quick puffs, which produce a low level of blood nicotine.[20] This stimulates nerve transmission. When they wish to relax, they take deep puffs, which produce a high level of blood nicotine, which depresses the passage of nerve impulses, producing a mild sedative effect. At low doses, nicotine potently enhances the actions of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain, causing a drug effect typical of those of psychostimulants. At higher doses, nicotine enhances the effect of serotonin and opiate activity, producing a calming, pain-killing effect. Nicotine is unique in comparison to most drugs, as its profile changes from stimulant to sedative/pain killer in increasing dosages and use, a phenomenon described by Paul Nesbitt in his doctoral dissertation[21] and subsequently referred to as "Nesbitt's Paradox".[22]

Well duh you’re not an addict you are not addicted to an ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE. These people are not “smokers” they do not have an “Addictive personality” they were not born somehow “special” and with a weakness – they were born exactly like someone who has never smoked. The ONLY difference between someone who smokes and someone who does not smoke is that THEY DO NOT SMOKE. They only difference between an addict and someone who is not is that they are NOT ADDICTED to something. You can only be addicted to something that is ADDICTIVE and you can only remain an addict and addicted to something that you KEEP DOING.

If you stop smoking, you will no longer be an addict, because you will have stopped the addiction. If you ask someone if they would like a cigarette and they say “I do not smoke” you should not say:

“Yeah you do, I saw you smoke before - you are a smoker” –
 “I smoked past tense –before (in the past) but I am not a smokER. I am not smokING.”

 It’s not a constant badge you have to keep. It’s not like “once a dr. Always a dr. If you only have danced once, you are not a dancer, you just danced previously.

If you had a cold or the flu you do not say “You are a colder” no, once the cold is out of your body (something that wasn't there before and that you didn't need or want) it is no longer there. If you had a bacterial infection before and it was eliminated from your body you are no longer INFECTED. It’s not a chronic label, it’s a temporary one and it only applies when you are
A. Smoking.
B. The nicotine is in your body.

 Once it’s gone it’s like a bacterial infection – it is gone and you are no longer infected!

Self Induced Shit Talking

If you have a tick on your body that is making you crave eating shit – you will not want to keep eating shit once the tick is removed! Why would you want to eat shit? You don’t need to taste it, you don’t imagine it would taste all that great, and especially if you KNEW it was addictive AND would kill you – why would you even want to find out? Unless you are literally about to starve to death and there is no other option in the entire universe – why would you even attempt it? Or isn’t the real question – why would you do it even if you did not need to – to save your life? There is in no way that you need nicotine to survive or live a complete and full life. You did not even know you wanted it before you tried it, and it convinced you that you NEEDED IT.

Anything that your BODY is telling you,

Are not your own thoughts or cravings but the addictive substances washin yo brain!


That is the fallacy that keeps it going. People think that it is “hard” to quit. No it’s not hard to quit! You just stop doing it! It is HARD to run a marathon or to lift 1000lbs – it is not HARD to not do something. It’s not hard to breathe! It’s not hard to not smoke, it takes more EFFORT to drive to a store, spend money, walk to your door, lift up a lighter, unwrap a package, throw it away – etc. Than it is to not even do anything! The hard part is the addiction tricking you into thinking it’s harder to not do something than it is to do it! Is it harder to run a mile or walk 2 feet? Is it harder to sit or to do 100 push-ups? If you want to say that it is hard to gain muscles because you have to work out you would be right! If you want to say that it is hard to stop eating 10 hamburgers a day I would call you a liar! If you say that it’s easier to go and drive through somewhere than to eat an apple you already have in your kitchen – you are deluding yourself.

We think it is so hard because other people tell us it is. It they say: Quitting is hard, this gum makes it easier – they are not trying to help you quit nicotine they are trying to get you to buy gum. If people realized that they could stop smoking without the gum and that it would happen faster and would actually be easier to skin that “step” all together – there would be no gum to sell.

 Look at all the books and products and services and therapists and personal trainers and pills and medication and studies – and all the things trying to convince us, brainwash us, into seriously believing that there is another way to stop other than to stop!

If there were a pill that would give you a body like the ones they show in the commercials advertising it then it would work – why? Because everyone would take it.

 IF there were a cure for the common cold then no one would have the common cold.

 If there were a magical cure for ‘quitting smoking’ then surely everyone who wanted to quit and ‘tried’ to would!

Don’t you realize that you are being fooled into buying something that you do not need, to stop doing something you do not want to do? And they do this by making you think that you cannot do it without this thing they are selling – and that they are trying to help you! E-cigs are not trying to help you quit they are just trying to switch you over to their brand of NICOTINE.

It doesn’t matter what kind of energy drink you get, or what kind of soda, or what brand of cigarettes, or which beer, or wine, or vodka – or who made the METH or the HEROIN – they are all just the same chemicals you do not need being sold to you because you have been tricked into thinking that you can’t or don’t want to stop! They are selling you shit wrapped as chocolates and convincing you that it tastes good! The only reason you keep buying it even though it’s shit is that they ADDED an addictive chemical!

You don’t eat an unripe banana. If broccoli fell into a dumpster you wouldn't see people picking through it to light it up! You don’t see people selling their children into prostitution or becoming whores themselves to pay for cauliflower! People only steal food if they are STARVING, but people could be fat and have all the food in the world and they don't only fight others and lie cheat and steal but embarrass and debase themselves for drugs. Drugs are what? Why do drugs have this control over people? Because they are ADDICTIVE. They have the power to convince a person to do almost anything. You could fill a library with all the disgusting and horrible things people have done to get their next high. You could also fill google with all the excuses people use to keep doing it when they already realize they don’t have to.

It doesn't take people hitting “Rock bottom” to change, it doesn't take getting cancer to stop smoking or having your obese diabetes foot to be cut off – change can start today! You just have to know that you have to do it, and no one else can. What you have been waiting to hear, what you have been trying to find, you already knew.

You can not stop until YOU stop doing it.

If you are trying to get over a bad relationship that isn’t going to happen if you keep going back to them! Each time you do you just re-set the clock. The time it takes for them to fade away. Every time you smoke you extend the time it takes for the addiction to go away. It's like when you are trying to fall asleep. The more you think about it the less able to go asleep you are.

The ‘cravings” and the “desire” and the “nervousness and anxiety” that you feel when you think of “quitting” or not being able to ‘smoke’ is THE ADDITIVE SUBSTANCE TALKING – the tick is telling you that. Once you STOP doing it -it goes away!

If you can’t stop long enough for the poison to leave your body – and if that poison will convince you to put more in in greater proportion than is leaving – and YOU DO – then you will keep wanting more. But if you stop giving it more, then once it is finally out of your body YOU WILL NOT CRAVE IT BECAUSE WHAT WAS CAUSING THE CRAVING IS GONE.

You can’t dry off until you stay out of the pool! Then jump back in and say “Damn I got wet again” and then before you dry off jump back in and then keep saying the same thing as if you don’t know why you are getting wet. You can’t blame someone else for pushing you in if you jumped in all by yourself! You say you don’t want to be wet at the same time you are wading in the water! You do this without realizing that it’s not water but a pool of shit you keep wading through! It’s quicksand! The harder you try to move while you are in it, the more stuck you become! The only way out is to get out and NOT jumping back in!

If you didn’t put salt on anything you wouldn’t say “this is not salty enough” you wouldn’t even care or notice how much salt or little salt it had. You don’t eat an apple and say “This needed more salt!” Imagine that people started to sprinkle NICOTINE on everything they ate. They would start eating more and more and they wouldn’t be able to stop because they would just want more and more NICOTINE. Then if they had something that didn’t have nicotine on it they wouldn’t want it! They would be like – eww this tastes weird, it doesn't have enough NICOTINE. It would be curious if salt were addictive huh? Hmmmmmmmmm

I will miss it and be sad like if my dog died:

Its sad when your dog dies because dogs are awesome and give you joy and companionship and you love them because they love you and prove it by their actions! And all the things that make having a dog in your life worth it. When they die it’s sad because it’s sad. When you have a dog you’re not thinking “I wish they would die, but I’m too afraid to kill them because I will miss them!”

When you think “I am afraid to quit because then I’ll always be wanting to smoke and be missing out on something that I like to do” that is a LIE that your addiction is telling yoU! If you had a tick on you that was telling you –

“You must keep me on because if you take me off you will always want to eat shit for the rest of your life so you must keep me on!”

Would you believe them? When the only reason you are eating shit, and the only reason you ate shit after the first tastes IS THE TICK’s FAULT. It will not let you think you can take it off and it does this by telling you, by convincing you – by LYING to you by DECEIVING you.


Anything, and everything that counteracts this one and very simple point is the tick talking:


The only way you are going to not crave nicotine is to STOP taking nicotine. The only way a meth addict is going to stop wanting meth is to STOP taking meth. The only way an alcoholic is going to stop going through withdrawals and to stop drinking is to STOP DRINKING. The only way you will not get withdrawals again is if you do not drink again.

The WITHDRAWS are the CRAVINGS. When someone says they “need a cigarette” or they are so hungry they could eat a horse. That is what a craving feels like – that craving is caused by drug leaving your body. As it does it screams louder and louder but unlike a hunger that goes away when you eat – it only gets worse. It’s not like you are rushing to make it to work on time and once you get there the anxiety goes away. It’s like you are rushing towards a time bomb that you’re afraid off exploding and killing you when what it really going to do is self destruct. That you’re chasing after a high that comes from the chase itself and that you can never stop until you let what you are chasing escape. You’re addicted to chasing your own tail that you cannot ever catch because once you do it slips from your grasp and runs faster away again. It is teasing and tricking you and scaring you into a perpetual and disappointing loop that blinds you from the fact that you are on a slippery slope to your own destruction! It’s a nat that turns into more nats every time you swat at it, and even more when you smash it. The only way to make it go away is to stop swatting at it and stop smashing it but let it land, and sting you –and then it will leave and never return. But if you keep swatting at it, and you keep smashing it it only make it come back harder and faster and stronger! You don’t know this because you have never let it land without smashing it to see what it would happen.

You know where that road leads – you've been down it a thousand times. You know what happens if you smoke – you will smoke again. You know what happens if you eat too much –you will gain weight. You know what will happen if you go back to someone who is bad for you. You already know. What you don’t know is where this new path leads and how much of a better journey is waiting for you without them. You think you will go off into the distance and have made a mistake and that you will always miss them and wish to go back. But you already know what happens when you go back – you just want to quit again. How many times do you have to do it again and again before you accept the obvious?

Moving on with the rest of your life starts not with a dead end – that you keep going back to expecting it to magically change into something, it starts with going down the road you have never been down! You already know this. You’re as afraid of quitting because you've become so used to living in fear of quitting that you are actually afraid of NOT BEING AFRAID. You’re afraid of quitting even though you know you will be better not because you doubt that but because you are afraid of going back down the same dead ended road! But you do not realize that you cannot go back to a dead end road when you have already gone down another without GOING BACK. Once you are free and far enough away from it, then you will realize, then you will know that you were not afraid of a life where you would always miss what you are addicted to – but that you have become so dizy that you do not even know where you would be, or go without it! You have to realize and accept that that is ok,but you cannot figure that out until you have already left it behind and that IT is what is KEEPING you from figuring that out!! You cannot imagine what life is like without your addiction because you are still addicted to it –that’s how it works!

People don’t overcome and addiction and think: I knew exactly what this would feel like, I knew exactly what I would do, I knew I wouldn't miss it. No they had the courage to venture into the unknown. If they could have known how much better they would have been they would have stopped sooner! People do not say “I wish I could go back to be addicted” They say: “I was so fucking stupid. I wasted my life, I wish I would have known how much better off I am WITHOUT IT in my life, I would have never started!” Not that they wish they wouldn't have STOPPED. If they wished that they would have already started again! They are not “Secretly living in misery and anxiety that they miss their addictions- they are screaming at the top of their lungs (which are now clean) Hallelujah I am FREE! Someone who was enslaved does not spend his time fearing what he would do if he were freed, and he certainly does not get out of prison and for the rest of his being afraid he’ll want to go back! He fears going back to prison. The only thing that is going to give you THE ANXIETY and FEAR is if you do your addiction AGAIN. The apprehension you have about quitting is not that you will do it again it’s the addiction afraid that you will discover that once you stop you will be FREED from it – and that the apprehension is it’s swan song! As it’s last resort, when you think of stopping or you start the withdrawals, is when it becomes the most deceptive. This deception is that you will regret being FREE?! It is a voice in your head “Do not cash in your winning lottery ticket because you will miss being poor!” You cannot get out of its grasp until it has left your body completely!

Do you get it?

The nicotine withdrawals only last a couple days and they don’t even hurt. They are just a little annoying, no more than a common cold. You get grumpy and irritated and angry – but that is all. You do not shake or go into seizures like an alcoholic who suddenly quits. At their worst they are a mosquito bite in your mind. Not pleasurable but it’s not like being afraid of giving birth! Even if it were you would be like a mother who is holding her freedom in her hands and saying: “That pain was not worth THIS!” – you are not stopping a life time of money and bad breath and yellow teeth and cancer and self doubt and being a slave for a head ache a couple days? Really? Really? All of that bullshit in your mind is the addiction talking. It’s not really you.

You must also understand that if someone is afraid of going through withdrawals - they will not go through them. They will keep avoiding them! If you are not quitting to avoid withdrawals you are killing yourself to avoid a “2 day sniffle type” of cold not a bubonic plague or a triathlon! IT’s not having your balls removed without Anastasia! It’s a head ache and some slight un-comfort-ability! You are essentially putting off walking a mile to get a new battery for your car to walk 10 miles to work. You are paying to rent a house for 1000$ a month that you could buy for 1100 outright and never have to pay for rent again. You are eating to stay fat and calling it training to exercise!

But how could you know this unless you actually stopped for those couple days? If you did then you wouldn't want to go back. IF a heroin addict goes through a month of torture that is the worst pain possible, they are not wanting to do heroin again to go through the withdrawals – they are doing it so they won’t have to go through them again! When someone drinks too much they get a hangover (alcohol withdrawals) and say “I’m never drinking again that was horrible” and then they drink again.

They say “This time I won’t get addicted” and this is because they think that they can CONTROL it- this time is different I have LEARNED MY LESSON.

They cannot control NICOTINE – they can only control that they do not do it. You cannot treed water and go about the pool grabbing weights, and say – Just one more and I’ll be able to float! No, you will sink and have to let them go, not put them on and on. Why don’t you just let the weights go completely and be free of them? You can swim without them and you will not miss them!

The urge for nicotine addicts to smoke is that the withdrawal happens before the cigarette is even FINISHED. It is so ADDICTIVE that before you have even finished one it has already told your brain that you need another – and this is because as fast as it has gone in, your body is trying to get rid of this poison! While it is being destroyed it begs and pleads with you: “NO, please, please Rose don’t let me go!” and it you throw it a life raft by lighting up another cigarette. Then it instantly turns into a shark and starts biting you! And you say ‘uh I have to stop doing this to myself” then you go to put it out and the shark turns back into Leonardo De Caprio – acting all cute and drowndy – no Rose don’t let me go! I will die and you will miss me forever! – so you grab onto him again and say: “No Jack I’ll never let you go” and he instantly turns into a shark again and bites you! And you throw him back away, NO jack no! You are just deception is disguise!

And it turns into Forest Gump and pretends he’s stupid “dumb dumb dumb dumb he even admits to it “Stupid is as stupid does” and the people who doubt him and make fun of him don’t realize that he’s a war hero, rich, a really nice person, and can run really really well. And you say “Addiction is stupid, as you stuff your face with addictions.” Stupid is as stupid does!

It is the rabbit begging not to be thrown in the briar patch. “No please don’t throw me in there” – and so you don’t! YOu don’t throw it away at all, you say you are going to and then you pull him back and hug it and smile! Then it throws up all over you and you’re like fuck you silly rabbit tricks are for kids! And you don’t realize that you are being toyed with and manipulated by the NICOTEIN RABBIT.

I use these imaginative analogies because they are less crazy then some of the shit that we do to delude ourselves.

Does that make sense? If someone said

and you say

and they say

You would be like – uh look you crazy bastard the only reason it hurts is because you are slapping yourself in the fucking face and if you were to stop hitting yourself then it would never hurt again!

The only reason you are afraid to stop smoking is because the smoking is GIVING you that fear. If it wasn't there you wouldn't be afraid of it. Do you understand? The tick is scaring you by telling you that if you remove him that he is going to haunt you for the rest of your life, he is going to curse you, and he is going to be around every corner just waiting to jump back on you, and if you take him off you will be SORRY!

It’s a fucking tick. Take it off, smash that liar and move on with your life. Once he is out of your system you will never be afraid of him again because you will finally realize that the only reason he was able to SCARE you, or even TALK to you was because he was ENSLAVING YOU and he only had this power because he was PRESENT. He was attached to you. He was IN YOUR BLOOD and swimming in your veins and your BRAIN.

He is forcing you to feed him because he cannot make his own, he cannot live WITHOUT YOU. You can live without HIM. It is a poisonous parasite that attacks you mind!

As soon as he started to lose his grip he would start chanting: SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE and right when his voice started to fade and he started to fall off he would say


And he will deceive you by saying “Look at all I do for you, I am always here for you! I comfort you when you are sad, I calm your nerves, I am here after every meal to relax and we have so much fun together” and it’s in his desperation to stay alive and for you to keep smoking that he tricks you into believing his lies.

All smoking is is a tick named NICOTINE and he makes you eat shit to survive. If you stop eating shit, he will fall off, and you will NEVER want to eat shit again. You cannot know this until the tick is gone and his poison is out of your system and it’s lies have been faded from your mind.

Do you hear people say: “Gosh I wish I would have never quit smoking!” NO do you hear people say “Gosh I wish I could quit smoking” YES. Everyone else is just in denial and when they say that they like it, or they enjoy it, or they like the taste – they are little puppets and it is the tick talking! They don’t realize this because the tick is tricky!


for the exact same reason someone who smoked their first cigarette did

“This time will be different, or this is the only one, or the last one” or they will believe the tick’s last words that said:

and when that happens you just have to remember why you quit, that there was no benefit, EVERY-TIME you said you wanted to quit – remind yourself that the feeling of occasionally REMEMBERING smoking, or associating WHAT YOU DID WHILE SMOKING is not the same as being ADDICTED to it. You will remember few good memories associated with the addiction and forget the addiction itself. Don’t think: “One time when I was smoking I saw the most beautiful sunset.” Or “That after sex cigarette was so relaxing” – NO the sunset was beautiful and the sex was relaxing! The ADDICTION/ cigarette was there ALL THE TIME and you are forgetting the thousands of times you thought “I wish I could quit, this is the last one, the coughs, the embarrassments, the money you lost, etc etc etc etc” – and this is just yet another way the addition has messed with your mind. It does this by attaching itself to good memories like a computer virus does to emails and files. Addiction is not just selling you spam, it is a virus that attaches itself to very valuable documents. It did not create or help in those good memories it has pissed on them, marking it’s territory as it has pissed on everything else it came into contact with – spreading it’s infection! It’s not just spam it’s a virus disguised as a google search page! You think that the memories are good because you are looking through it with tinted glasses – tinted with lies!

. You will be able to tell that it’s not a CRAVING anymore once the tick is gone, but a phantom that is not really there. You want to go back to it because you thought it made you happy. But like a wife that goes back to an abusive husband – it’s for the same reason – not because they like being abused, or hit, or because they love them, but because they have come to believe that the tick loves them. That is the trickies tacktic that the tick uses – is that it can adapt to anything, any situation it uses ANY reason you can come up with to stay alive.

In order to exist it must be perpetually absent. It’s not the “it” you want, it’s the ‘illusion’ of it. IT iS NOT REAL.

The greatest lie it tells you, and convinces you of, is so sly, so slippery that you will come to believe it so thoroughly that you cannot escape it. It makes you think that the hunt is sweeter than the kill. You get addicted to being an addict.

That is what addiction is.

You’re addicted to being addicted so you stay addicted so you can be addicted and the thing your addicted to makes you addictive because it’s addictive so you stay addicted and you know its addictive so you’re addicted to the addiction because you’re afraid of being addicted – because YOU ARE.

See how confusing that is? Does it make any sense? NO. That’s why people are addicted – because they are in denial about being addicted, or they are so addicted that they have become ADDICTED TO THE ADDITION annnnnnd to an addictive substance... So they are not only addicted to the tick, or the nicotine, they are addicted to the IDEA that they are not in controlbecause they are denying the very simple fact – the point of all of this –


If you think there is such thing as an ADDICT and not that you are just someone ADDICTed and you have come to believe that you are an ADDICT – then you will find something to be ADDICTED TO – even if it is NOT ADDICTIVE. If someone convinces you that you are an addict or have an addictive personality they do not realize that it doesn’t matter who or what you are – if you take enough of an ADDICTIVE chemical for a certain amount of time you will become ADDICTED TO IT. If your grandma breaks her hip and has to take a narcotic (addictive) pain medicine and gets addicted to it, she did not magically become an addict and has had one HIDING INSIDE HER WAITING TO COME OUT – that is ridiculous. She got addicted to the pills because they are addictive. She didn’t stop taking them after she did not need them because that is what the pills told her to do and she did not realize how tricky they were. She thought “I am not an addict, I am in pain” even though she knows her pain is gone and she is still taking these pills – more and more of them. She then starts to say “I like the way they make me feel”, or she pretends that her hip still hurts, and this can consume her. OR she can be honest and say: Holy smokes these little pills they gave me for my hip ARE ADDICTIVE! I better switch to aspirin – My a little pain in my hip is not worth getting addicted to these lil guys – I’ve seen on intervention what happens to poor guys!” Why is it if I use the example of a grandma who was not an addict in her entire life that we can finally understand that it is not the person it is the pills that are the problem? I don’t care if you are grandma Teresa or the president of the free world – the most powerful man in the universe – an addictive chemical can take you down to your knees – enslaving you with its super powers of deception.

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is a parasitoidal fungus that infects ants such as Camponotus leonardi and alters their behavior. The ant falls from the tree where it normally lives, climbs on the stem of a plant, clamps its mandibles on a leaf and dies there, while the fungus consumes its tissues and grows outside it, releasing its spores. The infected ants are popularly known as zombie ants.[2] This is a prime example of a parasitoid that alters the behavior of its host in order to ensure its own reproduction.[3] Possessed ants march to their death and the fungus lives inside the exoskeleton.[4 ] Wikipedia

There are these little bugs in the rain-forest. They are not very special, there are ants and Beatles and the like. They aren't really that much different than the ones in your back yard. They are different species but they are just ants. Living among these ants are these things that are hard to describe. They are a fungus. They are alive but they are not quite alive at the same time. They cannot support themselves and they can not produce by themselves. They are called parasitic fungus. What is interesting about these types of fungus isn't what they are but what they can do to these different ants. The parasite rests on a certain plant that the ant likes to eat so that when the ant goes to eat it the parasite attaches itself to the ant. It’s not big enough to hurt the ant but after the parasite is attached it starts to eat away at the ants brain. It doesn't just eat the whole thing but only certain parts in such a way that it hijacks the ants brain and mind and body. It turns the ant into what you could think of as a mind controllable zombie ant.

Why would this parasite do this?

It does this to feed and replicate itself.

What it does after it takes control of this ant’s mind is direct it to walk UP, and so the ant does. Once the ant gets up as high as it can it stands there until it does and the parasite eats the rest of its brain and body until nothing remains but a dead ant frozen like a statue with this huge thing sticking out of its head. This thing is the parasite which has eaten away at the hosts body and grew out to the top of its head – not it’s babies, or it’s eggs but copies of itself. Then what happens is something else comes along, the wind, another animal, whatever and knocks this ant over and the parasitic fungus falls into the air and some of it comes to land back on more of the plants that the ants like to eat.

The other ants can recognize this fungus only by how it makes other ants behave, they act strange as if something is taking over their mind! They are right! They know the signs but they do not know the cause because they cannot see this parasitic fungus. So they take this ant that is acting crazy and take it far from their nests so that it cannot spread it’s crazy onto other ants. This actually helps and it keeps the infected ant from spreading the fungus to un-infected ants. IF that was the end of the story the fungus would go extinct because it has no host with which to make more of itself. If you remove all the viruses from you computer you cannot magically get another one again unless it is infected – that it downloads or is exposed to an infected file. But with the ants they do not know that the fungus is actually in the plant they like to eat and since they cannot see it directly – but only by the behavior of those infected they do not have time to realize that it’s that particular plant that hosts the infection – that hosts their parasite. So the cycles begins again and again until finally the ants give up going to that type of plant because they realize that is where the parasite originated. What they do not realize is that the plant itself was not the cause but the fungus was, and the fungus only got on that plant because that is what the ants liked to eat! If the fungus was smarter it wouldn't kill the ant but only take away it’s mind a little at a time. Tricking it to going back to the nest and the other ants before taking over and releasing it’s spores onto every ant there. It would learn to grow along with the plant so the ants would always eat it too, bringing it back and then reproducing itself – and then the ants would go back to the plant and this cycle would repeat but the ants would not die, the plant would not die, and the parasitic fungus would now form a parasitic relationship with both the plant and the ant. No one wins but the fungus.

So you see the a fungus can control the mind of an ant and it needs it to survive. Now imagine that the plant needed the ants, but the ants didn't need the plant. So, the plant decided that it would use a fungus that the ants would want and could not get enough of that would control their mind and not kill them too quickly – and always make them wanting to come back to the plant.

This is exactly what the tobacco plant has done, the coco plants, and the plants that produce addictive chemicals. If nicotine is addictive and makes you crave more of it, where do you get it? You get it from the tobacco plant.

How do you do that – you GROW them. The problem with that is that we have taken a plant and engineered it to grow the most nicotine and we do not care about the plant we only care about the nicotine – and it’s in this way that the parasite is revealed. Nicotine is like a parasitic fungus that takes over our minds and makes us crave more of itself – not the tobacco plant but the DRUG that was originally farmed from the tobacco plant. The fungus does not care about the plant or the ant it infects or uses it only cares about reproducing itself! It has controlled our minds so sophisticatedly that it uses our great intelligence to survive. It uses us against ourselves to stay alive. You have to realize that it is not a plant or a tick but a VIRUS, it is not alive – but it is alive at the same time. It is like a virus or a Trojan worm on a computer, it has one and only one goal and purpose in ‘life’ to make copies of itself! It just wants the same thing to happen over and over and over again with no fear of consequences to anything around it – not even to the host. It doesn't even know what or who you are or give a FUCK about anything.

You can’t say that your computer is so cool that a virus cannot affect it. If the virus gets on your computer it will keep reproducing itself until it is DELETED from your hard drive. Its is smart enough that it knows when it is running low so it changes its name so you can’t find it. It invades your browser and makes sites for cigarettes pop up, it invents e-cigs, it markets gum, it does all of this through the hosts it has infected. It doesn't really ‘know’ what it is doing, all it does is two simple things. It wants to propagate more of itself. It acts like a magnet that goes through your mind and your body and compels you by any means necessary to seek out and find more of it and to consume it. FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME. But it cannot get enough because it does not exist in the same way that you exist. It does not need you to feed it so it can live, it is not alive – it wants you to replace it with more of itself. It can’t make more of itself – by itself, it needs YOU to FIND more of it and smoke it, eat it, inject it.

How does it do this if it is not alive or aware of what it is doing? How does a virus do what it does? It was programmed to do that. Who programmed it? It programmed itself. Within our brains are these little cells and on these little cells are these little things that will only let certain things with certain keys open them. IF these things fit then they activate the cells and make them release other chemicals that the brain already has. These chemicals are how we think and control our cravings and hormones and tell us to eat when we are hungry and to sleep when we are tired and so on. These drugs, nicotine and caffeine especially are the shape of the chemicals that our brain already uses – the chemicals that our body uses to moderate itself.

After you quit smoking you are no longer addicted to the nicotine for the tick is gone! If you believe that even though this addiction is gone that you are still an addict – then THIS IS THE LIE. This is the reason you don’t quit, or you fear that you will smoke again and always wish you could because you have come to accept that you are An ADDICT when the truth is that that is what the ADDICTIVE thing has used as it’s greatest weapon – it uses you against yourself! It infects you with doubt, self doubt. It has become so powerful that it infects your spirit so that after it has left your body and is no longer there it still is.

It does this by breaking you down, little by little cig by cig, until your mind has become so poisoned that it can no longer think for itself. This is not just a metaphor but the nicotine will eat at your brain and body that, like a tick, it is sucking you dry. And the more you smoke, the more nicotine you put in your body the weaker your body will be to resist, the more weak your brain will be to keep you sharp and smart, and this is the last lesson you must learn.

It infects you mind and your body and you will not be able escape until you have quit – and then recovered. Until you body has regained it’s strength it is still going to be weakened and susceptible to the lingering influences of the addiction. If you keep putting tick after tick after tick on you eventually not only is it poisoning you but each one keep sucking you blood too, so that you will become so anemic, so drained that all you can focus on, all you can do is to continue to place tick after tick after tick – engulfing both your mind and your body like a virus. It replicates itself and it destroys you and it USES YOUR mind and your body to do this.

I’m sorry but it is as simple as that. The only way to stop doing something is to stop doing something. There is no way around it. The only way out is through accepting this and stop eating shit.

Get mad, get very mad. At yourself but most of all at the nicotine. Treat it like a lover that cheated on you, and took away your time, your money, your health, and they did this on purpose and they did this since your first kiss and they will never change no matter what they tell you. And when ever you think of them again scream: NEVER AGAIN and mean it!

That’s it. But you already knew that, didn't you?

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