Who's the most significant historical figure?

Who's the most significant historical figure?

Leonardo da Vinci was ranked 29th of the most significant historical figures of all time. #1 of the most significant artists (pre 20th century) but still the #1 genius (In other rankings.) Out of everyone else on the lists Leonardo probably has the best chance of still moving up since we are still discovering more about him today.

1 Jesus
3 Muhammad
8 Aristotle
15 Julius Caesar
22 Charlemagne
23 Theodore Roosevelt
25 Plato
26 Louis XIV
28 Ulysses S Grant

Pre-20th Century Artists 

"Art has been a uniquely human activity for more than 40,000 years. But the names of artists went unrecorded for most of this period. The identities of several prominent Greek artists, most notably Phidias, survive through contemporary written accounts and Roman copies of their work. But the notion of artists with distinct identities then faded, not to be revived until the late middle ages. The great painters of the Renaissance dominate our rankings of the most significant pre-20th century artists."
Leonardo da Vinci (overall ranking 29)
Michelangelo (86)
Raphael (140)
Rembrandt (189)
Titian (319)
Francisco Goya (366)
El Greco (465)
Albrecht Dürer (503)
10 Johannes Vermeer (567)
11 Jacques-Louis David (607)
12 Giotto (610)
13 Diego Velázquez (693)
14 Gustave Courbet (965)
15 Hieronymus Bosch (983)

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