Early Last Supper Copies

  • Tullio Lombardo 
  • Santa Maria dei Miracoli, 
  • Late fifteenth century.

  •  Attributed to Antonio della Corna
  • Basilica of St. Lorenzo, Milan. 
  • end of century XV.

  • St. Germain l'Auxerrois, Paris
  • Previously attributed to either Bramantino, in 1503
  • Early 1500's

  • Tapestry Flemish manufacture, Vatican Museums, 
  • Laure Fagnart between 1505 and 1515

  • Giovan Pietro Rizzoli, Giampietrino
  • London, Royal Academy of Arts (currently on display at the chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford).
  • 1515

  • Pinacoteca di Brera
  • Cesare Magni , Milan
  • 1520

  • an abbey Abbey, Belgium (attributed to an anonymous Flemish or Andrea Solario .)

  •  Hermitage, St. Petersburg 
  • (attributed to anonymous Lombard , the second half of the sixteenth century)

  • Last Supper Church of Sant'Ambrogio, Capriasca.
  • Attributed to Pietro Marani and by Cesare da Sesto Isidoro Marcionetti (formerly attributed also to Giampietrino.)

  •  Pinacoteca di Brera. Attributed to Marco d'Oggiono in an inventory of 1650
  • Now believed byanonymous Milanese century. XVI

  • Sketch, painted by Marco d'Oggiono the beginning of the sixteenth century 
  • Owned by the Louvre but exposed to the castle of Ecouen in France.

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