Discovering Da Vinci Daily: Day 26: Evil Thinking

"Evil thinking is either envy or ingratitude." 
This quote is written accompanying the sketch. Leonardo would often draw abstract cartoon-like symbols that are almost impossible to figure out without any instructions. Many of the allegories and metaphors are difficult to interpret 500 years later and become even more complex since he used visual and phonic puns. In this sketch there are two characters riding on some type of animal. One aiming a bow and arrow, the other dangling a type of flag or ribbon, and a skeletal angel walking behind them holding a cup. How this symbolizes "Evil thinking is either envy or ingratitude" is difficult to discern but it does make you realize how complex simple sketches can be. The more you look at each character - what they are doing, their expressions, and even their emotions the more you will understand the obscured symbology.  

Discovering Da Vinci Daily: Day 26: Evil Thinking
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