Discovering Da Vinci Daily- Day 01: Time

The water you touch in a river is the last of that which has passed, and the first of that which is coming. Thus it is with time present.

If you think of your finger as the present then the water that has yet to touch it is the future and the water that has already touched it and moved on is the past, or “in the past.” You could also think about the pages in a book similarly. The current page is the present, the one before it was the past, and the next is the future. Interestingly ‘time’ does not necessarily work like a book and is more relative like a river. 

If you were to run faster than the water is flowing and put your finger back in the river again – the water that already passed would now be the future and/ or the past? Or both? This quote taken out of context could be considered a pre-cursor to the theory of relativity. Hundreds of years before Einstein.


Write a summary of the previous year.

In one sentence
In one paragraph
In one page

Bonus points: Do you know what the theory of relativity really is? It’s essentially saying that time isn't just a mathematical construct but an actual force in the universe. If you were to set two stop watches at the exact same time and sent them off on two rivers that went around the world, and one of those rivers was flowing faster than the other, then when they both came back around to the same place –then the time on one would be different than the other. Or if you went out in a space ship for a 20 year journey, depending on how fast it traveled, when you came back MORE than 20 years would have passed on earth. 
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