Tis twerking

A lot of people want to hear someone else tell them that "everything is going to be OK" or that "this too shall pass." But what happens after that. What happens when everything really is ok ?
A lot of people will tell you that life is about suffering. That if things are going good that it means something bad is about to happen. But what if, what if, things are going really good and they continue on that way? Is there a rule in the universe that says that you can't continue to be happy and successful?
I'm realizing that almost all of the bad things that have happened to me were actually self induced. I'll get to the point where things are too good to be true so I'll make something bad happen to counteract that. But what happens if, instead, I chose to continue to allow for good thing to happen?
What's it like to be living in your own personal 'golden age' when you can look at your life and realize its exactly where you want it to be? That you are looking forward to things but you are completely satisfied within the moment you are currently at?
When you are 'following your bliss' and you're doing exactly that. No exceptions or what ifs or could have or should have or should be doing. You're just, dere I say. 'Happy' but its not like orgasmic but just, ahhh I can relax and just be me in the moment. In this moment.
Its like when ur dancing and ur like ugh ugh ugh twerking. I'm twerking in my life. My life is twerking, its working, I'm working, I'm typing, everything isn't 'going to be OK' its OK, right, fucking, now.
Woo woo
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