So I just go the Nokia 521 super cheap cell phone from amazon & T-mobile. I didn't 'need' a new phone and I certainly would never choose this for my next phone. I only got it to test out Windows Phone 8 - which I have never been able to play with before.

 I have to say i'm really impressed with it. I keep telling myself

"wow this is reallllly good for a 50-80$ device."

 But the more I use it, along with windows 8 phone, I go from "this is realllly good for a cheap phone" to - this is a really good phone.

Whenever you go into considering this phone you have to go into it's price. I got it delivered to my house for -90$ - no contract, no nothing else. I put my sim card in and it worked. I didn't have to change my plan. I didn't have to sign a contract. I took the sim card out of my Galaxy s3, put it in the Nokia and it was like, hey Derek. It even automatically showed me my t-mobile minutes, data, and things that took me 3 screens to get to on my other phone. I don't keep track of my minutes used since it's usually like 5min a month or my data - since it's unlimited, but I was very, very surprised that all I had to do was click on the pre-installed tmobile app and it had alllll the information about my usage and account. For some people who have to keep track of that stuff it's very very easy to do.

Choosing what Christmas present I wanted  was exhausting this year. It  led me on an obsessive quest to get just the right thing - which was obviously going to be a device of some kind. I had it narrowed down to the following:

  • Moto X
  • Ipad Mini 2
  • Samsung Note 3
  • Nokia 1020
  • Nexus 7
  • Nexus 5
  • Surface pro 2

Then due to unforeseen, but thankful circumstances, I had to give  myself a 'reality check' and decide to get something I needed and not something I wanted.

If I could I would get all of the things I just listed. Do I really need any of them? Not at all. I have more phones and computers and tablets and cameras than I know what to do with. I mean I know what to do with all of them, but why would I need or want more?

I guess I am in the perfect position to transgress the divide between need and want. I need a computer that can do more than check email. I am in a profession that just barely crosses over to where it really does matter how fast, and what your computer can actually do. I need my computer to be able to run photoshop and the difference between x computer and y computer actually makes a significant difference. That difference being a couple seconds vs a couple minutes. It may not seem that much to someone checking their email and facebook but to me it's significantly different. I'm also not in the realm where it's "time is money" and the faster my computer works the more money I make. BUT i'm almost there. I'm doing things on my computer that with one computer might take 1 min and another 1 second - and that is a very lonnnng time.

So that's why I decided to get a new desktop computer this Christmas rather than a new cell phone.

What's the difference between a cell phone and a desktop computer? For someone who only checks their email and twitter - pretty much nothing. For someone who is writing a book, intensely photo-shopping images  for that book and running and updating a web site - a lot. There are things that I literally cannot do from any tablet of phone. There are other things that I could do but would literally take 5 minutes vs 5 seconds. There are also things that would take 5 minutes vs 5 seconds depending on the power of the desktop i'm doing those things from.

Geeze. I'm digressing so far from the point of this post. Lets try to get back on point.

Lets say I want to load my web site. Lets load it from each of my devices:

Ipad2: (200$) (500$ new)
  • 11111111111111
 Samsung Galaxy S3: ($400)
  • 11111111111111 
Nokia 521 (50$) (80$ tmobile)
  • 1111111111111
Nexus 7: ($230)
  • 1111111111
Desktop ($500)
  • 11 ( one of the 1's was to switch over to type the 1)

I google searched "itsjustlife" and then once I clicked on my page I pressed 1 for each second until I saw my main graphic. 

These might not be the most 'scientific' tests, but they are very real worldly. 

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