Dual Cored Brain

I was just randomly thinking about something I read a while ago. It was an article that said a woman's brain kept some of it's male child's DNA in it after birth. That made me consider what would happen with surrogates. Would a part of the child from different parents' DNA stay inside the surrogate mother?

Then I started to think about Fetus in Fetu since it's similar, in a way. It's when your twin becomes trapped inside your body while you are in the womb. It happens in 1/500,000 people and most people don't even realize it until it starts to grow or shows up in a scan. For others it's more obvious because their twin doesn't get stuck all the way in their body but only partly - such as Siamese twins, or conjoined twins. Some people are even born connected at the head and their brains share a skull.

So that got me thinking. What if someone were born with their twins brain, inside their own brain, or anywhere in their body. They could essentially have two brains connected together. Or what if someone was born with two brains - a duplicate of their own? This happens with uterus's sometimes and other organs.

What would it be like to have your twin's (especially if it were fraternal, or a different sex) brain connected to yours? Without a body would it still develop a consciousness? Would it be shared with your own? Could you communicate without knowing it? Some conjoined twins say they can communicate without talking. They can even be joined at the head with their bodies being separate and walk together. They can share a heart or can get hurt and both will feel it.

It would be really really rare but I bet someone, at some point has been born with two brains. Either their brain got duplicated or their twin happened to form in just such a way that resulted in someone having their brother or sisters brain working in tandem with their brain. It would be like someone born with two faces, or two heads, being born with two brains and only one face, one body, so that the only thing duplicated would be the brain(s).

This would be similar to dual core computer processors, which also come in quad-core and octa-core etc. In cell phones they essentially double the processing power. What would having multiple brains do to the mind of a human? (or animal) or any biological being?

  • Would the other brain have it's own mind or consciousness or would it just work as the separate parts of a single brain do? 
  • Would the other brain specialize itself and only take over for some processing? Meaning that it would take over and help with the processes that were most prevalent or it would take over for the basic processes that are always happening like breathing and digestion. Would it specialize for only one or a few special tasks like vision or a single sense - augmenting and enhancing it? Like a graphics card - discreet processing? 
  • An octopus has 8 brains and there is one in each tentacle base so they can essentially work by themselves independently and also work with the central brain as well. Our single brain can sometimes create this phenomena called "Alien limb syndrome" where the hand acts by itself without the control of the person. So it seems our brains are capable of differentiating their processes, so how would a separate brain interact with a person's main consciousness? 
  • Would the other brain work with or against each other? Would it always follow the lead of the other or would it be like conjoined twins that have to compromise and take turns doing what the other wants? 
  • Would this added brain add extra brain power? 
And even more interesting, and actually realistic, is how these same questions would be important to explore in a very similar case - adding a computer processor to our brains. There are neurological interfaces being developed (some that already work) that allow our nervous system to be linked and communicate with a computers. It's already possible for someone to control a robotic arm with their mind. So what would it be like if we were to hook up a computer processor, or computer memory to our own? If we could hook up our hard drives to our brain what would it be like to remember those computer files? Would we be able to store our own memories on them? How would it feel to access them, to remember them?

Most of this technology is for replacing lost or absent senses - such as sight and hearing. It' actually possible for both of these senses to be partly restored through technology by hooking up a camera sensor to the brain - and the brain can actually de-code and "see" these images - same with hearing. Now imagine that we don't replace a sense, but add to it. Adding a HD camera to someone who can already see - so they can see better? Or what if we add external memory hard drives so we can remember better? The possibilities are endless and are only just starting.

I'll take a super HD third eye, and some electrical field sensors, stat. 

Not making this up:

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