Critters vs. Gremlins

I saw these hairless kittens in a bathtub and immediately thought of gremlins. 

Which reminded me of a fantasy I had, which apparently is shared! Critters Vs Gremlins!!

 Both critters (1,2,3,4) and Gremlins (1,2) are some of my favorite min- monster movies. I remember actually being afraid of them when I was little, now they are just hilarious. How awesome would it be to re-make these movies with modern CGI and combine them into one? I already have a basic plot:

 The critters start to come to earth to take over and eat everyone and the only thing that can save the world is Gizmo! Gizmo is a Mogwai that is cute and nice, unless you feed him after midnight or get him wet. If you get him wet then he bubbles up and creates new little Mogwai's who aren't always as nice or tame. If you feed them after midnight then mutate into Gremlins - which are crazy and not so cute. 

So obviously with the critters invading Gizmo has to create an army of Mogwai's to help defend earth and the humans. But of course - that won't be enough to take on the critters so he has to eat after midnight to turn into a Gremlin himself so he can control his Gremlin army to defeat the Critters. After the Critters are defeated we gotta do something about the crazy Gremlins so he tricks them into the Critters space ship and sends them back to the Critters home-world. And - of course, that battle is  for the sequel. 

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