Another new da Vinci painting found. Isabella d'Este

The sketch to the left is Isabella d’Este by Leonardo. The painting to the right is obviously based on the sketch and the same woman and was found in a Swiss bank vault. They say it's been confirmed to also be by Leonardo. Carbon dating confirm the time frame and the paint was tested to be the same used in some of his other paintings.

I wonder if this sketch is what the painting is based off of or if the sketch was of the painting after it was done? The sketch is missing some features such as the crown and the branch she is holding so either those were added later or the sketch came first.

One method Leonardo would use to both copy paintings and to transfer his sketches to a larger size was pin-pricking. He would sketch the person (or image) and then poke small holes on the paper and then lay it over the surface to be painted. Then he would sprinkle thinly ground charcoal over the paper which would fall through the small holes and create an outline of the sketch onto the canvas, or wood. Speaking of which this painting in particular is on canvas which Leonardo rarely used.

This is the first 'new' da Vinci work that's been recently found and or authenticated. A similar sketch of La Bella Principessa was authenticated.

That's not all. "Salvator Mundi" or the "Savior of the world" was also found and authenticated recently. Not only that but people are currently trying to find his long lost "Battle of Anghiari" which is really interesting since it was painted on a wall. More about both of those paintings are on my site: Leonardo's Paintings

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