Synching - Brain Storm

So I just got back from my (now daily) run - during which all kinds of ideas jog through my head. For the last few days I've really been thinking about a trailer-video-preview for my book. I've been brain-storming it for the last few years and I have most of the main ideas/themes worked through.

I've taken some film classes and know how to edit etc and just got a new camera so i'm almost ready to actually start filming it! I figured it would be best to wait until my book itself is almost done or at least in rough draft form since I want the trailer to follow the chapters and they haven't' been exactly solidified until the last couple days. It's pretty amazing that it's been almost 8 years and I still couldn't quite get the chapters in the right order..

Anyways I won't get into the actual concept of the trailer but as I said I've been imagining it while I've been running. Earlier today I saw these two cars parked near the forest I live by - and run in. I thought it was curious but figured they were just meeting up for something. Then just while ago I was out on my run and saw the same cars were still there - almost 5 hrs later? Interesting.

 As I was running I saw some mirrors and what looked like photography equipment. Oh that makes sense they must be doing a photoshoot! I've done some down there too, it's perfect for that. After I made my lap and came back around I noticed that they were actually filming what looked like a music video. There were girls in orange tank tops/ bathing suites and dancing..  I thought that was cool and it  was a little reminder that I have everything I need to make the mini-movie I want to.

I finished my run and checked the mail and found this waiting for me:

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