Life is a lot like Tetris:

July 25, 2004:

"Life is a lot like tetris. It seems so easy at first then everything starts to get more and more difficult. Everything speeds up and falls faster and faster. Sometimes you are shown what’s coming next but everything happening so fast you don’t have time to notice, and definitely not enough time to plan for it. Sometimes things fall into place perfectly, there are no holes and everything seems to come together. You can keep nothing piled up. Then you make one mindless mistake and bam – everything starts to gather around you and you don’t know what the hell happened. You know that that piece totally shouldn't have gone there – where you put it. Sometimes it’s by accident, other times, you meant to but later found out it was a horrible mistake. Other times its just you get tired of playing so you fuck up on purpose so you’ll lose. The times that are the worst is when everything is when you get a piece that just wont fit right anywhere. That’s the worst because you are trying so hard to be perfect but no matter what you do, it’s just going to ruin your game. Thankfully you can usually recover but unlike life it’s easier to restart the entire game. Life is a lot like Tetris.

Sometimes the things worth eating taste bad.
Sometimes the best things in life taste bad." 

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