Mona Lisa's (Gheradini) DNA

"Wikimedia Commons Scientists in Florence are examining the bones of a 16th century nun they think served as the model for the Mona Lisa . Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo was the wife of a wealthy merchant and is rumored to have been the model for Leonardo da Vinci's famous portrait. She was a famed beauty in her time and lived across the street from the famous artist and inventor. When her husband died she became a nun at the convent of San Orsula in Florence , where she died and was buried in 1542. A team of scientists went looking for her in a crypt under the convent. DNA in the bones they found is now being compared with samples taken from the Gherardini family tomb in hopes of finding a match. The next step will be facial reconstruction to see what the woman looked like in life. Perhaps they'll find the mystery to her enigmatic smile. Facial reconstruction and DNA analysis have already been done for the remains of King Richard III , found last year under an English parking lot. Researchers are also examining the possible remains of King Alfred the Great ."

A couple years ago some Italian scientists decided to try to find and identify the body of Lisa Gheradini. While many do believe that the painting Mona Lisa is of Lisa Gheradini - (Madame Lisa =Mona Lisa) there are others who do not think that it is of the real Lisa Gheradini - myself included. I go into more detail on my web site and in previous blogs:


You can read more about my theory about who/what the painting is based on and why it isn't Lisa Gheradini by clicking above. Essentially this story is, while interesting, is an exercise in futility. Trying to prove that a certain skeleton is the remains of the real Lisa Gheradini has no relation to the painting. What they are hoping to do is to reconstruct the face of the Skull of "Lisa" and then see if it is similar to the Mona Lisa. Even if she were to have a similar face it doesn't necessarily "prove' that the painting is of her. The real questions should be why does Leonardo's own self portrait combine with the face of "Mona Lisa" and why does some of his other paintings - including some of his pupil Salai. What i've discovered, and what some of my book is about, is that he intended to leave behind these mysteries for someone else to piece together at some point in the future because he couldn't during the time he lived in. It's complicated and intricate - but so was everything else Leonardo did. He was a trickster, painter, and had to keep almost all of his work hidden and obscured - especially his love life. If certain people would have known about what he was really doing his work - and himself would have been burned and called heretical. This is why he didn't title the painting himself or identify who "she was" because her face is not of a single person but a combination of many.

This is not to say that Leonardo didn't paint a portrait of the real life Lisa G - it's just that the face we identify as "Mona Lisa" is not hers. Leonardo worked on the Mona Lisa for almost 20 years painting it over and over with hundreds of thousands of layers of paint. What he started out with and where he ended up would have been very different and even if for some reason the real Lisa was used as a base - she wouldn't have stayed his subject later on in the paintings life time.  

Nothing about the painting, it's history, secrets, other titles, and the attention paid to it -point to it being a simple portrait of a silk merchants wife. In my book I say that she was used for her name and not her face - so the painting would eventually be titled "Mona Lisa." Mona Lisa wasn't the paintings' title until over 50 years after Leonardo's death. Leo's first biographer Vassari was the only one to say it was of Lisa Gheradini, and he specifically used "Mona Lisa." Before this claim the painting was referred to as: 
  • "A Certain Florentine Lady"
  • "A courtesan in gauze veil"
  • "La Joconde"
  • "La Giaconda"
None of those names have anything to do with the real Lisa - she wasn't a courtesan and why would they call it "A certain" if they knew who it was of? There is a lot more to these titles and how they all are connected and explained when the painting is considered correctly. 

The links have more information but I'll leave this post with a thought that helps to explain my theory better. If they find Lisa's remains, reconstruct her face, and then digitally paint it, age it, and then arrange the digital model to be in the exact same pose - same distance from the "camera" and add the clothes - all of this - wouldn't that be a very difficult thing to do? Something that would also have to be intentional? They couldn't just hold the skull and look at it and say "Yes this is the Mona Lisa" - no, they will have to go through many steps specifically and perfectly TRY to get the image the skeleton will be based on to combine with the painting itself. There is a lot that has to be done and that goes into getting two images to not just compare but to combine. The intention will be to try and compare the two faces and create a new image based on the skull. 

Leonardo already did all this more than 500 years ago but with other faces/ paintings. He designed them to combine with each other to tell a story. This is what I discovered and when I tried to get the faces to combine - they did so very easily. I wasn't "trying" to make them combine - they just did. Leonardo created them to do this.

 So when you read through my site and see the images that combine almost perfectly together - keep in mind how difficult and tedious it would be and that for this to happen it would have to be INTENTIONAL. Not coincidental or accidental.  The next step is trying to figure out what was behind that intent!

She is a very complicated riddle.

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