Khyung The Stone Age Astronaut: A Journey to Atlantis, the Pyramids,and Stonehenge with Leonardo da Vinci

"Everyone knows stars aid navigation. But did ancient civilizations go one step further, and create a map of earth using the stars? In this rapid fire book the North Pole constellations, known in the Tibetan culture as Khyung "the "Bird that Travels through Space", are used to solve the varied ancient mysteries of the world, from the Pyramids in Egypt to the "world" ending Mayan Reset to the mysterious stone circles of Stonehenge. The most impressive discovery made in this book is however not the decoding of the Pyramids, nor is it the story of Atlantis, but something far more important. It is the successful decoding of ancient archaeological art; art that through the ages has preserved the very earliest writing ever made by humans. 

By decoding this archaic 400,000 year old writing the incredible secrets of the really ancient past are revealed. This is a book that looks at the world with entirely new eyes and by careful analysis of the archaeological record completely rewrites our understanding of the world of the Stone Age.

This book is the ultimate study guide for world historians. Finally, in one single book the 400,000 year transition from the Stone Age to the modern world is solved, and the mystery of how one simple idea, 400,00 years ago still continues to this day to affect the world we live in is uncovered."

From the Author - Derek Cunningham:

"Not many people consider Leonardo to be an historian. His list of
talents include engineering, medicine, astronomy, and art, But there
is one problem and that is where did Leonardo get the time and more
importantly the money to experiment? A new study may have the answer,
Leonardo was studying the Stone Age. Within many really ancient sites
are numerous enigmatic straight lines. They are drawn on bones,
pendants, the pyramid causeways, and the earthworks around Stonehenge,
Modern archaeologists are flummoxed, but once more Leonardo appears to
have been ahead of the game. Leonardo in his study of the text of the
Roman siege expert Vitruvius, the last person to have direct access to
the Great Library of Alexandria appears to have came across a document
that explained the meaning of these strange Stone Age lines. They are
proto-writing, and he encoded them directly into his own paintings,
the most famous of which is The Last Supper. The angle of the stares,
and the index fingers all align to the center of Jesus' head to
"write" down astronomical data as alignment values. Strangely the
astronomical values encoded are the same astronomical values drawn by
the causeways in front of the Great Pyramids, and other ancient
archaeological sites, and there is a specific reason for this. Dr
Derek Cunningham has discovered that when two specific lunar values
are multiplied together the match the exact time period between the
solstices. These two are encoded in the layout of Stonehenge. Dr Derek
Cunninghams work shows that this proto-writing was global, and
extremely ancient dating back an amazing 400,000 years. This work
alone totally changes our understanding of the ancient past, but the
proto-writing seen in Leonardo's work is based upon an even more
important discovery, and that is the hand held art used by the
ancestors of Neanderthal man employs the same data employed in
Stonehenge. The layout of Stonehenge which involves other nearby
earthworks, scales up to create an astronomical map that drowns a map
of Britain, and that map in turn scales up to draw a complete map of
the earth. Using the mirror image of the stars, the ancients created a
map of earth, a map that has now been used to locate previously
unknown archaeological sites, and to explain the location of many well
known sites. Leonard's paintings appear to have been amongst the last
paintings ever that employed the archaic proto-writing….."


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