Man Powered Helicopter

Leonardo's dream of human-powered flight is now a reality thanks to AeroVelo's new human powered helicopter. While da Vinci's designs would have actually worked he didn't have light enough materials to use. This isn't something that will likely become anyone's way to work, but it is very cool and would be an amazing experience to pilot.

”I think there's a fascination with what humans can do and pushing the limits. This is really the competition that allowed humans to show that they could hover. That's Da Vinci's dream... and AeroVelo, they did it all right, and they put it all together.“

First called "Arial Screw" is a design from Leonardo for a devise capable of vertical flight. Today we call them Helicopters but they were not built until the 1900's. Leo designed it with human power being the "engine" but it's unlikely that one could be made to work with the materials available at the time. It's not that the design itself wouldn't work its that there wasn't a way to turn it with enough power for lift off. It wasn't until true engines evolved that one could be created that could lift not only itself but a pilot.
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