Leonardo Models by Hagman

"These models were researched and constructed for the "And there was Light" exhibition held in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2010. Recently, they have been on display in the "The Great Masters" exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. Working closely with a dedicated team of Italian experts, I was given free reins to make the models look like the actual Leonardo drawings rather than having the designs evaluated by engineers. This way, the inherent problems with many of the inventions, but also the beauty of the designs, were celebrated and preserved in the models. All too often, the temptation to "correct" the machines result in pretty, but not very scientifically and artistically correct models and replicas.
And no, sorry, Leonardo did NOT invent the bicycle...
Here's a small selection of the models:" Source

These are some random shots from the workshop. As always, it basically looks like crap at this stage, but I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do.

Early days on one of the "Scythed War Chariots".

The swinging bridge

The inside of Leonardo's "Tank".

The base for one of the many catapults Leonardo designed.

Slightly more evolved.

The "tempered spring gear mechanism". A very interesting build.

A very large weapon for hurling multiple projectiles.

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