Why I ordered 200 praying mantises?

So I just ordered 50-200 praying mantises from Amazon.com - they were only 15$! plus about 5 $ for shipping and what must be a very interesting handling. Why? that's a good question! (Wait for it) How? That's the question I'm most interested in, well, since I already know why. 


Well, I am the bug whisperer and while it may seem that I would want an platoon of praying mantises as pets - it's actually for a far more productive reason. I should preface this, or pre-story it with what gave me this bug-tastic idea in the first place: One word: Reddit

I am now officially not just obsessed but addicted to the web site/ app - reddit. What is reddit? I didn't know. I had heard of it and knew it was one of the top 'social media' web sites around but I never really visited it for more than 5 seconds. Well, a few days ago I set about trying to figure out what it was all about. What is it all about? It's all about being all about everything. It's tag line is "The front page to the internet" - how it works is that it's users (Redditors) submit links and articles, pictures, questions etc. And then the other users vote those pages up or down. The more up-votes something gets the higher it gets on it's section on the site. They are called "Sub-Reddits" There are hundreds/ thousands but the some of the most popular include news, movies, wtf, music, politics, funny, videos, atheism, technology, gaming - etc. There is also the main section - front page - that shows the pages that have the most current upvotes. In summary it's like a very informative, funny, random, and highly entertaining newspaper feed. In the last couple days i've been using it it's become my go-to- app/ site for when i'm bored of have down time - (which is all the time.)

One such link on Reddits page was a post about someone finding a praying mantis egg sack and watching it for a couple weeks until it finally hatched and they took pictures of the hundreds of mini-prayers dispursing. So cool!

38 weeks ago a Praying Mantis laid an egg sack on a tree in my backyard. Today I witnessed one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

 I love praying mantises and have even had one as a pet before. I called it the tripping mantis for reasons undisclosed. Anyways one of the highlights of reddit is the comments that people leave for each post which can also be up and down voted. In the post about the baby mantises someone provided a link to amazon that would allow you to order 2, TWO praying mantis egg sacks! If getting a package in the mail that would lead to hundreds of tiny alien looking insects hatching in front of you wasn't reason enough I have yet another preface to why I justified the purchase, beyond just being awesome. 

Second Preface. 

Well, I am the bug whisperer and I am also a vegetarian - clarification, a pescatarian, wait wait, I also eat shrimp and lobsters, so, well, I should probably just say that I only occasionally  eat sea food. I was going to say that I was a bugatarian but since shrimps and crabs are technically insects of the sea, whatever. The moral is that I don't kill anything and only eat things that other people killed that come from the ocean. (That are crestations, or fish - not mammals or sea turtles) I have no real justification for my reason for eating sea food and what seems to make me a hypocrite for where this story is leading. 

There are these little, and sometimes big, "Water bugs" (Cockroaches) that have invaded our kitchen counter. We're not dirty or un-cleanly, I wipe the marble surface down with bleach - and yet almost every night when I go to stare into the fridge, and turn the light on - there are these bugs running across the counter! Now, honestly this really doesn't bug me that much or freak me out. A couple bugs running around is no big deal, they aren't going to give me cancer or eat all my food. k sera sera. BUT there is this other person living with me who is an indiscriminate serial killer. She doesn't think twice or have a second though in killing any insect, with her bare hands, that gets in her domain. She actually seems to enjoy it an on quite a few occasions I have heard an exclamation! "ahhhhh11 Die motherfucker, Bang!! Bang!!" (The first bang is her actually yelling "Bang" the second bang is her hand ((or foot)) bluggering them to death) -sigh- yet another life I haven't saved. 

I'm the kind of guy who, when there is a spider in my shower, will stop and take the time to get some tp and get it out, hopefully earning some xp-karma points- with the effort. I also do almost everything in my power to save the bugs from the kitchen from my Mom's deadly wrath. This involves, almost every night now, turning on the a-for-mentioned light, and then dampening a paper towel and lightly covering the bug and carefully placing it outside in the atrium. "Go free, It's not me, it's her! If you stay here she shall slay you! The cookie crumbs are not worth thou destruction!" (I have been watching too much Game of thrones (another story)) 

So, So far what you need to know is that I don't kill bugs and am unable to let them live without the fear of my monstrous mom assassinating them. So what do I do? Do I just keep trying to save them? Or do I call upon the Lords of another house to take over the marble thrown?

So why? 

I ordered the praying mantises egg sack so I could watch them hatch. I then plan to take pictures of the process and attempt to post it on reddit so I can get up-votes. I then plan to capture some of them after they have grown to the appropriate size to release them into my kitchen so they will take care of the marble globe trotting cockroaches - and thus alleviating the guilt I would feel for not saving them from my Mom (the queen of the castle) and being able to morally accept the ambiguity that comes with the conundrum of - the mantis has to eat too - right?

Problem Solved!

Speaking of Praying Mantis, this little guy was in my back yard a couple years ago and I took some pictures with it. I was looking at the pictures and noticed something that seemed pretty strange. Between its' eyes, on it's face, was - what seemed to be another face! The antenna turned into arms and it has a very angry expression and when it moves it's antenna it looks like it's flailing it's arms. I thought it may have been a fluke but after some investigating google images - it seems that most if not all praying mantises of all species have the same thing. I'm thinking it must be some type of defense mechanism to scare, and or duel with other bugs. It reminded me of the Original Total Recall movie and the character(s) pictures below......

If you are suffering with the same problem visit the link below!
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