Pelican Plenoptic Camera

Hello my name is Derek and I would like to place this camera in my cell phone, immediately. 

Basically what this technology does is uses multiple mini-camera sensors instead of using only one. So each sensor is picking up different information of the scene. This idea is what enables us to see things in 3d (Binocular rivalry) - our brain senses the differences between what each of our eyes are seeing. This new camera system does something similar but instead of two "eyes" it has 16! This means it's able to focus on multiple locations and distances at the same time and record them - and then the software can de-code this information and you can control what is in focus. Imagine being able to take a picture of someone in front of a group of other people and objects. Normally a camera will only be able to focus on a certain area/ distance in front of it. With this type of technology you could take a single picture and everything would be in focus as if you took 16 pictures all at different focus points. 

It's complicated but it's cool! I actually had a Lytro Camera for a while that has a similar focusing technology. It's fun to play around with but needs to be paired with better sensors to take pictures that are use-able. That seems to be in the works and Pelican is working with Nokia to combine their Pureview technology. Excited. 
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