Mini- Vegetarian: Luiz Antonio: Why He Doesn't Want to Eat Octopus (English)

This lil guy pleads a very convincing case for not eating animals.

Translated to English:

Luiz: This octopus isn't real right?
Mom: No

Luiz: Then alright. He doesn't speak and he doesn't have a head right?
Mom:He doesn't have a head these are only the copped little legs of the octopus

Luiz: huh but.. is he head in the sea?
It is at the fish market

Luiz: The man chopped it..? Like this? (chopping motions)
Yes he did

Luiz: Why?
So we can eat it. otherwise we'd have to swallow it all.

Luiz: But why?
So we can eat it, love. Just like a cow is chopped, a chicken is chopped.

Luiz: Ah.. the chicken. no. Nobody eats chicken!
Nobody eats chicken?

Luiz: No.. those are animals!

Luiz: yeah
So lets eat the gnocchi? Eat the potato then?

Luiz: Err. Just the potato and just the rice

Luiz: Octopus are animals

Luiz: All of them are animals - fish are animals, octopus are animals, chicken are animals, cows are animals, pigs are animals,

Luiz: So when we eat animals they die
ah.. yeah

Luiz: Why?
So we can eat, love.

Luiz: Why.. do they die? I don't like that they die. I like that they stay standing up. (happy)
Ok. Alright. So we're not gonna eat it anymore, ok?

Luiz:  Ok! These animals, you gotta take care of them, and not eat them!
You're right, son. So eat the potato and rice. 

Luiz: Alright, why are you crying?
I'm not crying, i'm just touched by you.

Luiz: I'm doing something beautiful?
Eat, no need to eat the octopus alright?

Luiz: ok!

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