Meet Michael and his fascination for worms

This lil man needs his own show! 

"My name is Michael and I've been studying earthworms
Like here is the tail cause it's flat and the flattest part is the tail
and this part right here that is pointy is the head
then these are the segments
the segments are these little bitty lines right here
they help it move
they go back and forth and back and forth
and they also has five hearts
it doesn't doesn't have teeth
they only have really strong mouth muscle
the mouth muscles help it eat
and also the gizzard grids it up too
there's an earthworm right there
(for some reasons that soil looks like it's wet)
right here is my matching game
see this is a card that shows where everything is
this is the crop that's how you know if it's uh
a grow up or if it's a kid
if is a grown up it has it
if its a kid it doesn't
there are no male or female earthworms
they are just earthworms
and if its a grow up the, that crop one day
it has eggs in it
in those eggs inside the crop 
one day that crop will slide off 
 it will be  cocoon
then if that big one lives long enough
it will grow another crop
if it gets eaten then that will just be its only one
this is an earthworm farm
there's a worm right there eating newspaper
earthworms eat everything but milk, meat and cheese
and here's a book with facts about earthworms
it's called "all about earthworms"
earthworms really help the earth
i bet their name is earthworms because
they help the earth and they live in the earth
and they also enrich the soil by putting air in it
when i get older i want to be a farmer and i would like to have a lot of earthworms
and then when i'm done with that i'll take the vegetables over to
where i'm cooking
 i also want to be chef
then i can use the stuff i gro - grew and i could cook it"

He is like a mini-Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory!

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