Karma is False!

If you haven't been following my blog and realized I am a vegan, animal lover, and I go so far as to save the spiders in my shower.

I even save the cockroaches in that sometimes crawl around the kitchen from my Mom (Serial killer)

You would think that I have earened some "Karma points"  for saving so many bugs- right?

Apparently not1

Im sitting outsidd in my back yard right now and I already have two spider bites on each of my feets.

You would think -as I have thought - that I would do something about these spiders biting me. Obviously! But what you don't undertand is that they only bite me on occassion. I've sat in my back yard every single dayt for the last 4 years!

Now if these fucking spiders were to bite me every day - I would do something about it. But no. In the last four years I have only been bitten about -6 nights.

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