Ellen and Portia's daughter

Here is a little story about how I printed a custom-copy of my book for Ellen De-Generes

About a year ago my my Mom went to Ellen's birthday's special episode. She got a Samsung TV!
Thanks Ellen!

Another gift from Ellen's birthday special was to give everyone in the audience a ticket to one of her "12 days of Christmas Show"

Fast Forward>> My Mom gets the info about the Christmas show she is going to. I'm like: Wow! she is going to be a few feet away from Ellen!

There is a table to leave gifts/ fan mail/ whatever to Ellen herself!  I have to use this miraculous opportunity to give Ellen a copy of my book! right?

So once we got the dates that my Mom would be on Ellen's show, I started making an "Ellen" Version of my book, so she could leave it on the table that Ellen would supposedly see!


What I did was make a version of my book with a custom cover that I thought would get her attention. I found a picture of Ellen and I found a picture of Portia - and I combined them together to show what their daughter would look like. Which was one of the main themes of my book.

 I ordered a couple copies in hardback. Then I realized they wouldn't be delivered in time. So I ordered some other copies in soft-back - which would come in time!.  Which happened to arrive the exact same morning my Mom was heading up to the show. I picked up those copies and drove over to her office - to give her the copies to give to Ellen's gift table. whew. (This all ended up costing almost 400$ for the books and rushed shipping.)

All was not in vain! What did we get from her 12 days of Christmas?

  • PlayStation 3
  • Apple TV
  • Rosetta Stone Subscription (I have one year to learn Itallian!) 
  • Another Samsung TV
  • An electronic Toothbrush
  • A 1 year Hulu subscription
  • Dyson Vacuum 
Wow that's really great! I had a very merry Christmas! But what about my book, Ellen? - no, no. Didn't hear anything back. I'm sure she has a lot of things to go through but it's hard to imagine that a picture of her and her wife's daughter wouldn't get noticed? I gotta imagine that whoever goes though her "show's gifts" get filtered though someone. Still waiting..

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