Ashes to Ashes, dust to Space

Celestis is a company that will blast yo' ashes into space! That's one way to get into "heaven." This may sound like science fiction or something people would do in the future - but there are actually people already ascended. There is even someone buried on the moon.

While it seems like a unique thing to do with your ashes it seems like it would be a lot more interesting to send your whole body, frozen maybe? Or at least a sample of your dna instead. Why not even throw in a record/ biography of your life? Eventually something or someone might find you... In thousands or millions of years people (or whoever) are going to be digging up graves and wondering who you were. I would rather go up than down anyways!

Their next launch/ service is going to be June 21, 2013... oh wait that's like in two days. Better wait for the next one!

Launched into Earth orbit on April 21, 1997

Earth Rise Service

Earth Orbit Service

Luna Service

Voyager Service

Spaceflight with return to Earth.
Starting at$995
Launch into Earth orbit. 
Starting at$4,995
Launch to lunar orbit or surface.
Starting at$12,500
Launch into deep space. 
Starting at$12,500

Step-by-step process
The process is simple and completed with the utmost respect and care. A portion of cremated remains is carefully placed inside a permanently sealed, individual flight container, loaded into the Celestis, Inc. spacecraft and attached to the launch vehicle.
On launch day families gather at the liftoff site to share the experience of seeing their loved ones’ dreams of spaceflight realized. With a roar and a fiery streak across the sky, the rocket lifts its precious load higher and higher into the peaceful solitude of space.
Memories of the flight participants' lives are shared among friends and family at the pre-launch memorial service and preserved on the keepsake video or DVD (included in the service), and biographical section of our Web site. Participants...
Post Launch. After a successful launch, Celestis provides a professionally produced videotape or DVD of the entire event to the participant’s family or designee.
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