#willpower - will.i.am - Smile Mona Lisa - Lyrics

Will.i.am's new album #willpower features a song titled "Smile Mona Lisa" - it was recorded in the Louvre at 2 am.

Let me tell you about my Girlfriend,My Girlfriend Mona Lisa,She Let Somebody Take Her Picture,So She Could Be a Fashionista
She says she wanna be a ModelBut what she wanna be a Model for,She told me that she wanna TravelWalk the Room at the Milano
But I Tell her that I Loved Her, Adored Her, I Need Her, My LisaShe told me Trust Her, I Won't, I Wanna Trust Her
And I Dunno why it Hurts Me Hurts Me Hurts MeI get Jealous when she Working Working WorkingAll the Fellas they be Looking Looking Looking,They Lookin at My Lisa Lisa Lisa
Let me tell you about my Baby,My Baby Mona Lisa,
She told me that I'm Acting Crazy,She said I Need to Free Her
She said she feel like she in Prison,But why she feel like she in Prison,We always go into the Oceanside, and the Mountain TopWe be Livin' the Good Livin'
She wanna be a Model,And Travel, and walk in the Room with the MilanoShe say I'm Jealous, I know I'm Jealous,Because I Wanna have her for me and not the Fellas
And it Hurts Me Hurts Me Hurts Me,All the Time She Be Working Working Working,Them Boys be Flirtin' Flirtin',They Flirtin' with my Lisa Lisa Lisa
Smile For Me Mona Lisa Lisa (x4)


Anonymous said…
Oh my.. I love the song! Always something new.. Thanks! I'm moved! --Yours, Lia Gem

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