Big Foot Foot Found? Bear Foot!

Two kids found remnants of a foot in Massachusetts that looks eerily human - but isn't. It hasn't been identified yet but some are thinking that it's a big foot's foot. While that would be ironic, and pretty awesome, it's more than likely a bear's foot.

Interestingly Leonardo sketched a foot that people believed to be imaginary or of a 'monster' - that was until later when we realized that the sketches were actually of a bear's foot. Their rear paws are so remarkably similar that a lot of times when fragments of a bear's skeleton are found - they are mistaken for human! This similar structure was noticed by da Vinci and he actually drew a bear and woman in the same sketch - with the woman's hand being a bear's paw.

The Bear sketch rotated so you can see the woman more clearly. 

Leonardo's Sketch of a Bear's Foot 

Leonardo's Sketch of human feet
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