Da Vinci's Demon's News! Trailer & Release Date

We have a new trailer and release date for Da Vinci's Demons! The video is below and the release date is April 12th. Almost on Leonardo's real birthday - April 15th.

This trailer gives us a much better idea of what to expect and it's a lot different than what I was expecting. It seems to be more fun and magical than historically accurate. I definitely like the idea of approaching Leonardo in a more modern and fantasy way. That was how he experienced his world - but this show will bring the world of his mind to life around him. 

The present re-imagining the past with content from our future. I'm excited!

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This is a link to an interview with David about the show and how they are handling Leonardo's sexuality. It's been controversial not if he was gay but how that would be dealt with in today's terms. It's also noteworthy that there isn't a debate if da Vinci was gay, the producer not only accepts that as obvious but also says that they are not "Shying away" from in in the show. Since some of my book is about Leonardo's sexuality and how and why that influenced his art and secrecy - this is an interesting step in his "coming out" process. I guess you could say...

"DaVinci's Demons" Creator David S. Goyer Talks Not "Shying Away" From Anything
"Anyone who is concerned that the new Starz series, DaVinci's Demons, is going to 'straight-wash' not only the content but Leonardo DaVinci's homosexuality can rest easier knowing that the show will go there...the next question being, of course, how far."

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