The MONA LISA by Leonardo da Vinci

The "Mona Lisa" the most famous work of art in the entire world. Worth well over a BILLION dollars. Painted by the greatest genius of all time. She consists of hundreds of thousands of layers of paint that are smalller than the human hair. She has been analyzed by 3d laser scanning technology - and we still can't understand how she was painted.(From 500 years ago) Brintey Spears has a song about her. So does Countless rappers. Movies have been made about her. Documentaries. Papers, articles, books.. Why is this painting so special?

"The best and most powerful way to explain why the Mona Lisa is considered the greatest painting of all time would be to hand you a brush and paint ask you to paint her yourself" -my book.

Why would someone who is considered the smartest person ever, the greatest artist that has ever lived - spend 20+ years on a single painting? Someone who invented, airplanes, rail-guns, tanks, automobiles, parachutes, helicopters, and scub-gear. (the list goes on) ok i'll go on, the mechanical Calculator, a pedometer, the telescope, the ball bearing, and robots! There is a reason for her complexity. There is a reason she is the most famous face in the entire world. She was designed to be, and he succeeded, admirably.

Stare at her chest for a few seconds - her fingers will move. The back ground's perspective is "off" (on purpose) and that will make your subconscious- visual- innate- perspective cause her to animate. If you were to see her in person her eyes will follow like your own would in a mirror. She is encoded with the most sophisticated and revolutionary form of art ever invented. The colors, the forms, the face, the expression - are all designed specifically for you to trip out when you look at her. This is not a coincidence, this is the product of genius execution and design.

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