What's under Antarctica?

What Antarctica looks like today  
The British Antarctic Survey used radar imaging to see what the continent of Antarctica would look like without the ice covering it.  

It's kinda crazy to imagine what it would be like to explore it without the ice or what it might have been like before it was completely covered and still had life. Even more so what we might still discover hidden beneath. Fossils? Ancient Ruins? Would the cold have preserved stuff like it has with Wholly Mammoths? 

I can imagine it's what someone living on Antarctica in the far future would think about wherever the poles are at that point in time... so cool! It's also kinda intriguing that there is this whole vast continent just waiting to be explored. If we can go to the bottom of the Mariana trench and Mars - why can't we go there? It would have been even cooler if the radar images would have shown cities or roads or.. well I guess with the techniques used - radar - it wouldn't show the kind of detail needed to get a clear picture anyways. These images are not a picture from space like the ones from Google Earth but a 3d rendering based on the information scientists could provide. 

Who knows what's really under that ice! And even more fascinating what's buried under the ground that is under that ice?

What it looked like before the ice!

Who's ready to go where no man has gone before? We can settle it and be called: Antarcticans! hahaha
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