The 77th %

So I was just shaking a chex mix bag - looking for one of those lil sougher dough sticks and realized something. Whenever there are lots of something, and fewer of something else- you will automatically desire what there is less of. There are more pretzels and chex - so I will spend most of my time searching for the "goodies" - when in reality I would rather have a bag of pretzels than those lil sougher dough sticks. The same happens with veggie trays - there are usually more carrots than anything else and I wont even want to eat those but the other stuff - I can't get enough of those! When in reality if I had the choice I like carrots to snack on more than the other things to choose from! Its like with cars - when there are only 77 made and you can't get any but those - they are a lot more desirable than a car that you can easily get and they will keep making as many as people want to buy. Even if the mass produced car is better. This is an interesting psychocology trend - we want what we can't have or that we have had and want more of.

The end.

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