"The funny thing about hurt people
Is they tend to hurt people
The funny thing about lies is
They're only lies
The funny thing about hearts is
They tend to break easy
The funny thing about healing is
I'm alright"
Christina Aguilera - Empty Words

The funny thing about change is that at the same time you feel it happening inside of you – you also feel another part fighting against it. There is a battle waging in your mind: On one side you have who you were, your memories, and what you know. On the other is your future self who is unknown. What you do in the present is to decide which part of you takes the lead – what you are used to or what you could do.

Your past self will use anything in its arsenal to keep you exactly the same. It wants to survive. The best way it does this is by keeping other people in your life that will not allow you to change. It will cling onto them with clenching fists and fangs. It drops anchors anywhere it can, holding back the sails pulling your forward.

This is how people can both change and stay the same. They have their old versions saved inside their head – just waiting to take back over. To keep it at bay requires a constant struggle – but one that gets easier over time. Patience is like a muscle that needs to be strengthened and only can with constant use.
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