Psychology 101

“That figure is most admirable which by its actions best expresses the passion that animates it.”

“Words which do not satisfy the ear of the hearer weary him or vex him, and the symptoms of this you will often see in such hearers in their frequent yawns; you therefore, who speak before men whose good will you desire, when you see such an excess of fatigue, abridge your speech, or change your discourse.

And if you would see in what a man takes pleasure, without hearing him speak, change the subject of your discourse and when you presently see him intent, without yawning or wrinkling his brow, you may be certain that the matter of which you are speaking is such as is agreeable to him.”

Notice in this sketch that the center of the composition is around the main characters’ ear. The other characters are all showing various reactions and seem to be circling him. Leo’s ability to capture human emotions in his art was unprecedented. He was able create emotion from both the viewer and the characters he drew and painted. He used psychological principals in his art that give them a life of their own.

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