Mapping Geography

"I perceive that the surface of the earth was from of old entirely filled up and coverd over in its level plains by the salt waters, and that the mountains, the bones of the hearth, with their wide bases, penetrated and towered up amid the air, covered over and clad with much high-lying soil.

Subsequently the incessant rains have caused the rivers to increase and by repeated washing have stripped bare part of the lofty summits of these mountains, leaving the site of the earth, so that the rock finds itself exposed to the air, and the earth had departed from these places. And the earth from off the slopes and the lofty summits of the mountains has already descended to their bases, and has raided the floors of the seas which encircle these bases, and caused the plain be uncovered and in some parts has driven away the seas from there over a great distance."

Leo made dozens of aerial maps that look like the satellite images of today. During his studies of Geography he also became curious about how the various mountains and landscapes he was drawing came to be. The consensus of the time was that everything was created and had remained essentially the same since the "Great Flood." Leonardo noticed things that couldn't be explained by a flood but could have only been formed through long expanses of time. 

He realized that some parts of earth must have been covered by oceans and then receded - and that this had happened many times. He found sea shells on the tops of mountains - and his deductions were very accurate. He may have been one of the first true archaeologist's. These studies have been mostly over looked in favor of his art and inventions. He also was wary of publishing anything about them since they were in conflict with the consensus of the time. 

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