Isleworth Mona Lisa - Analyzed

This is the “Isleworth Mona Lisa” It was supposedly painted by Leonardo da Vinci 10 years before the “Mona Lisa.” This would mean that the Mona Lisa herself - and other copies/ versions were based off of this earlier painting and not necessarily the original sitter (if there was one ((Lisa G)) ) 
  • Notice that although the background is different from the actual Mona Lisa it is also misaligned - meaning that the perspective goes “off” behind the sitter.
  • Notice the green cloud/ ? is mirrored - a common Leonardo technique. 
  • There are pillars on either side of the sitter - something that the real Mona Lisa doesn’t have. Although there are still remnants of pillars that were either painted on, or were cut off at a later time. 

 This image shows the Isleworth Mona and the Mona Lisa superimposed for comparison.

  • Note the road in the background to the left of her shoulder - shaped in a letter S. 
  • Note the lack of a bridge to the right. 
  • Note the same use of red going to green in both - but the Isleworth lacking the continuation to blue.
  • The knots around the neckline are similar though not exactly the same. 
  • The Isleworth sitter seems younger, more feminine, and has more make up on.  

This painting of Salai was also painted before the Mona Lisa - and also aligns with the Isleworth version. The time span - different versions - and other faces that all align show both the evolution of the image of a woman that we call "Mona Lisa" but a very intricate and drawn out story behind her conception and creation. 

Also notice the S on Salai's right shoulder. It's the same as the S (shaped road) in the background of both versions - but even more so in the Isleworth. Coincidence? It gets even more complicated, and I'm doing my best to try and explain it properly in my re-write. Although it gets even harder to finish when new stuff keeps popin up! (dangit!) But when it's stuff that helps to support what I've already been writing - it's a good thing, albeit time consuming.

These are links to some previous blogs I've written about similar scenarios regarding the Mona Lisa and her "friends."


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