2d look 3d - Anamorphosis

"Perspective is of such a nature that it makes what is flat appear in relief, and what is in relief appear flat. The perspective by means of which a thing is represented will be better understood when it is seen from the view point at which it was drawn." - Leonardo da Vinci

These are called "3d Drawings" even though they are drawn on a 2d plane. If the picture of them were taken at a different angle they would be distorted. Although artists  (particularly painters and sketchers) had an idea about perspective - Leonardo da Vinci dissected it scientifically and thoroughly.

 Not only did he focus on understanding how it worked he was also responsible for the first known example of "anamorphosis" which is a way to create an art work in a certain way that it can only properly be seen correctly and fully if you know from which point of view to see it from. Part of my book will explain that but also something I realized about his art that is in the realm of "Anamorphosis" but much more complex...

Since then a few artists have dabbled in it but it requires a vast knowledge in mathematics along with the artistic ability to bring that knowledge into reality. Today I could do the same thing in literally a matter of seconds on a computer. It could even be done with the help of a camera - but to do it with only your eyes, hands, and paint is much much more difficult. 

István Orosz: This shows a technique to create Anamorphosis

Those are by: Julian Beever

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