Mystery of the Fairy Circles in Africa

These (very) strange circles have been forming in Africa for years and no one can figure out why. Theories range from termites, to earth gas, and crazy grass that sucks the nutrients out of the soil. 

It kinda reminds me of something similar in Peru: "Mystery of the Holes" (pic above) which I have blogged about before.  Although the ones in Africa are very less like "holes" and more like bare circles. They also seem to be natural where as the one's in Peru appear to be "man made."

My first thought was that some type of insect was forming them - bacteria maybe? Since they have been studying them for so long it rules out something as obvious as insects though.. hmmmm! 

If they are all forming in the same type of vegetation I would go with the plants being the culprits.  

  • Why do they form where they form? They seem to have a kind of even spacing. 
  • Why do some last longer than others - what makes them fill back in? 
  • Why don't things like this form in other places around the world?
  • Why are some larger than others? 
  • I want to KNOW!!!!! 

Mysterious African 'Fairy Circles' Stump Scientists

"I'm not too worried that this mystery is going to be solved anytime soon," he said. And the persistence of the mystery makes it ever more intriguing.
"That's science, isn't it?" Tschinkel said. "If you knew the answer ahead of time, it wouldn't be much fun."

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