Largest Crocodile Ever in Captivity

This is one very big Crock! I'm surprised they were able to catch it alive. That's almost as impressive as Lolong himself!

It reminds me of the Crock from "Lake Placid"

A seven metre-long crocodile has been confirmed as the largest in captivity.

"Lolong weighs more than a ton, and has taken the top spot from an Australian crocodile which measured more than five metres, a Guinness World Records spokesman said.
The giant reptile has been blamed for a number of deadly attacks in a remote area in the southern Philippines and was eventually caught in the remote town of Bunawan.
It has become the star attraction of a new ecotourism park and research centre on the outskirts of the town and has drawn thousands of tourists since news of its capture spread. Bunawan has earned £45,000 from the modest entrance fees at the park, with most of the money being used to feed and care for the crocodile."
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