9 | 17 | 2010
"When designing a robot, it's interesting that the ideal design is already here to be copied - the human form. Not only it's form but it's mind. The ultimate computer chip would eventually take the form of a neuron and brain. And we would realize how well designed we really are. Think about designing a humanoid robot, the power supply, the mobility, the dexterity, the learning abilities, the weight and strength - then realize that these problems have already been solved by nature. Through us.

Theory: Our bodies are not random or chaotically evolved any more than our eyes are to see the world around us. Our vessels - our bodies are perfectly and adequately designed for it's own purpose. A frog, even with the know how, could not build a space ship. he could not text on a cell phone, he couldn't swim in the ocean, walk in the desert, or go to the top of the Himalayas. The more advanced a species, the less specialized it has to be. A fish can't walk. A cat can't hold it's breath for 20min. Since humans don't really seem to be specialized for anything in particular - and instead are designed to be universal and un-absolute. Why would we be able to conceive of dna engineering, time travel, other dimensions, and terra forming - unless it was in our potential repertoire?

Our bodies can survive at 1000lbs or 80 - even when they are the same height. We can dance, build structures out of stones that weigh tons, make 500million dollar movies (That make a profit!) We can lift hundreds of pounds, we can build and drive cars that can go hundreds of miles an hours, we can fly!

Our humanity, besides our bodies themselves, are our creations. If there is a designing force in the universe, besides evolution or a god, or the God, it is us. Look at all the breeds of dogs we have created from a wolf? Look at all the paintings, pictures and books we've made?"

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