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when I get out of a movie I feel inspired and entertained. When I got out of watching Prometheus (at the midnight showing) I felt confused and haunted. I drove home without any music playing (For the first time ever) and my mind couldn't stop trying to figure out what I had just experienced. That's not to say that it was a bad movie or that I didn't enjoy it. I think what i'm saying is that it wasn't an easy or necessarily a "fun" movie to watch. It's a movie that doesn't try and help you through it, it makes you work at trying to figure it out.

A quick no spoiler summary:

Two scientists have been researching and exploring ancient artifacts and archeology. They find the same constellation coordinates on various ancient societies art that span tens of thousands of years apart that supposedly had no contact with each other.

Fast forward a couple years and the scientists are aboard prometheus a space ship that cost a trillion dollars to build and has been sent on a quest to investigate the planet that was being alluded to by the constellation coordinates. The two scientists are expecting to find their creators - which they call "The Engineers." They believe that the art work is encouraging whoever finds it to find "them."

They have been in hibernation or the 2+ years it takes to reach the new planet with an android named David watching over them while they slept. Waking up as they approach the new planet they eventually land on the planet and choose the location by noticing straight lines and "God doesn't make straight-lines" which meant that they were artificial or "man made." I put "man made" in "quotes" because they are aliens - or are they???!

The rest of the movie is exploring the "temple" they find and as i'm sure you could assume by the previews and that it's a Ridley Scott Alien "prequel" things go wrong, very, very wrong.

That's basically all you would want to know going into the movie. The rest of this post is less of a review and more of an exploration and my explanation for what they find.

Spoilers start HERE! Watch the movie before you read the rest if you like surprises.

The main theme of the movie is trying to answer the question: "Where did we come from? Were we created or did we evolve from primordial ooze?"

(Which is also my personal biggest question about life! Does life spring forth from inanimate chemicals or does it require an external force to inspire it?)

The first scene of the movie contains elements of both combined into one.

A space ship lands on barren earth - with water and rocks but no apparent life. A very tall and "Fit" (thats an understatement!) white humanoid walks up to the edge of a waterfall - as the space ship leaves.

He has a vessel containing what looks like some kinda ooze that looks alive. He drinks it and then his body starts to dissolve as he falls into the water. Then we see his DNA unravelling and then re-raveling into a new configuration followed by scenes of cells dividing as it spreads through the river.

This is obviously alluding to this "alien" being the source of all life on earth. What it isn't obvious is why would an advanced race go about "Seeding" a planet by sacrificing one of it's own? It seems like they could have just dropped some of the ooze into the water instead. I think it represents their ritualistic nature which is explored further throughout the film. It's a "Sacrifice" or martyrdom...

Another aspect of this oozy, living, liquid, which is also continued throughout the film- is it's adaptable and evolutionary nature. When the alien drank the liquid it started to combine and change his DNA which then immediately started to adapt to this new environment. Its almost as if it has the ability to turn evolution and adaption into hyper drive. It's like if you were to take it on Mars - it would automatically evolve your body to be able to live there. Something like that!

The next, and very short part of the movie is about the scientists finding cave paintings and engravings from the Mayans, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and finally a 30,000 year old unknown civilization from Ireland. It's basically taken straight from the series "Ancient Aliens" down to the real life examples of ancient artifacts. They show humans worshiping larger humanoids - the "gods." The question this asks is if this one alien came down and seeded earth - and then evolution took over and eventually created humans and all life on earth - how did ancient man carve images of these "aliens?" Did they come back? Did they eventually re-evolve along side humans? If not, then how did humanity know how to display the coordinates of where the aliens came from? Is that knowledge imbedded in their dna? That is a question that isn't answered.

*I subsequently watched "Alien vs. Predator" which is in modern times and they find an ancient tomb in Antarctica that houses an Alien Queen. It also says that the Predators come to Earth every few hundred years and use humans to "breed" the "aliens" who they, then, hunt, to prove their predatorness... How does that relate to Prometheus? If Alien vs. Predator is part of it, then it is saying that not only have the "Aliens" come back many times before - but that there are other races of Aliens too.*

The time frame that all this takes place is within the next 100 years, not thousands. Prometheus is almost to the planet that the coordinates pointed to. It's also not explain how it is able to reach this planet (it's a moon actually) in only 2 years. Implying that in less than 100 years we will have achieved faster than light speed travel.

Most of the 17 member crew is unaware of the reason for the expedition. The two scientists think they are going to "meet their makers" but the woman in charge (Charlise Theron) has other plans and makes this clear very quickly. The ship was financed by Wayan enterprises and by a VERY old man who left them a holographic message for when they wake up from hibernation saying they are there to find the aliens. *In Alien vs. Predator Wyann dies, so is this his son? Or did he not really die?* ??

What you don't know until the end of the movie *big spoiler alert* is that he is actually on the ship with them! The woman in charge is his daughter, and all he really wants is to ask the aliens how they can extend his life since he is about to die. (More on that later)

David - the android is his creation and has been doing secretive things throughout the movie for Wayan. (Ulterior motives!)

When choosing where to land they notice straight lines leading to a degraded temple. They are very similar to the real life Nasca Lines in Peru which are very obviously artificial and ask a lot of questions themselves. Why would ancient humans create lines and images of animals that could only be seen from above? The ruins themselves are reminiscent of the "face on mars" - (Ridley is sourcing a lot of his content from modern day theories.)

Now they are going inside the temple.

David is able to open the various doors by using the aliens own control panels. This triggers a holographic movie that animates the corridors that displays aliens running away from something and into a room.

One alien's body is still there and has been decapitated by the door shutting on him.

David opens the door to the room and there are canisters aligned in circles around a giant stone humanoid head. There is a mural on the wall behind the head that, if you look closely, looks like an "Alien Queen" from the other Alien movies. It is not obvious though and I could be wrong! But it does make sense when we get further along in the movie.

They find the alien's head on the other side of the door and bag it to bring back to the ship with them. The head doesn't look humanoid but more like.. well, an alien. What happens next is that by opening the door and allowing the atmosphere outside the room in, it re-animates (or activates) the canisters around the head.

They start leaking what seems to be the same ooze or liquid from the first scene of the movie.

There are also little worm like creatures in the soil of the room that no one notices.

A huge silicon/sand storm is about to approach and they have to rush back to the ship. They assume after this first exploration that the all the aliens have died and there is no sign of life anywhere.

Two crew members get left behind.

While back on the ship they start to study the alien head and realize that it's not the actual aliens face but a mask/ suite. David figures out how to open it and inside is a very human looking face which is the same as the alien from the start of the movie and the giant stone head in the tomb. Its still preserved enough that they can hook up electricity to it and it comes back to life for a few seconds and then explodes. Opps!

They do a DNA test on the alien and compare it to human DNA - it's exactly the same. Thus proving the scientists theory that they were our creators/ engineers. The aliens are human - or more accurately, humans are aliens. They are our apparent ancestors.

David has secretly brought back one of the canisters and breaks it open - gaining access to the liquid inside. He then daps a drop of it in a drink he pours for one of the main scientists. Is this the same stuff that the alien drank in the beginning of the movie? hmmmM!

*end of part one*
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