Pro Me The Us (Part 2)

The scientist who is in a relationship with the other main scientists, goes back to his room. They talk about what they had found and it's revealed that the woman scientist is barren/ infertile and is religious and went on the expedition to find her creator, not necessarily the engineers. Her husband says "Doesn't this mean you were wrong, they created us." She answers: "Who created them?" They have sex. (This is important and comes in later) ((thats what she said!))

The two members of the crew who were left behind have to wait until the storm passes to get back to the ship - (they never make it.)

They make their way back to the tomb and all the canisters are leaking the liquid. The worms have apparently evolved into much larger alien snake looking creatures. Obviously very very similar to the "Face suckers" from the other alien films. This comparison is hammered home when one of them attacks one of the two crew members and goes down his throat. While the other crew member is trying to save him he tries to cut it off of him - and this releases the 'face suckers' acid blood (another alien movie clue) and melts through his helmut. They both die.

The main man scientist wakes up - his eyes are blood shot and when he looks in the mirror he sees a very small worm looking thing moving around in his eye. He doesn't tell anyone and they go back into the ruins to find their missing crew members.

David separates from them and goes into another room which ends up being a space ship. He finds a control room that has an alien in hibernation and starts a hologram showing how to start the ship and where it was headed - back to Earth. Obviously something had happened to interrupt their take off and killed all but one of the aliens.

What killed them? Why were they going back to Earth?

The other crew members are back in the tomb and find the dead bodies.

The scientist starts to show signs of being infected and the 'face suckers' start to attack the crew. They rush back to the ship. Charlise won't let him back in since he is infected.

He purposely forces her to kill him with a flame thrower.

The main girl scientist - his girlfriend, wakes up to David treating her injuries. He does a scan of her body and tells her that she is 3 months pregnant. This is a surprise to her since she is barren and only had sex a few hours ago. Obviously the other scientist impregnated her with a hybrid between them - and the alien liquid.

She doesn't want to keep the "Baby" and escapes to a room with an automated surgical machine. She programs it to remove a foreign body in her abdomen.

This scene is disturbing to say the least.

She gets a cesarian section - while awake. What comes out of her looks like a football sized squid - similar to the face suckers from the tomb. The question is: what does this liquid REALLY do? Why would the fetus look like an alien face sucker and not like a human? Does the liquid evolve someone's dna, or does it change it into this other kind of alien?

This only gets more confusing when we find out that her boyfriend, who's body was left outside the ship - is still alive. He has quickly changed into a monster looking man (but still humanoid and not alien'esk) and attacks and kills some of the crew. So the liquid that David gave him- didn't kill him, but made him quickly evolve to be able to breath this world's atmosphere and make him incredibly strong. He is killed AGAIN haha

This takes us to the reveal that Wayan is actually on the ship and David has been working for him. The voyages real purpose was for Wayann to ask the Aliens to help him live longer. David takes him and the woman scientist to the alien space ship's control room to re-animate the humanoid alien.

David can speak it's language and after trying to communicate with the alien once it wakes up - it rips David's head off, and then kills Wayann. The woman scientist wanted to know why the aliens "changed their minds" and were going back to earth to apparently use the liquid to exterminate the human race. "We were wrong, so wrong" - obviously!

She escapes and tells the captain of Prometheus to stop the alien space ship that is now taking off - headed for earth. Prometheus crashes into the alien space ship but a separate room from Prometheus (where she had her fetus removed) is detached. (It's like a life pod.)

She is almost out of oxygen and makes her way to this pod, with 30 seconds of oxygen to spare (of course.) She hears something coming from another room and her "baby" has grown 100 fold and is now a giant face sucker looking alien. Thankfully it's trapped in another room.

David's head is still "alive" and radios her asking if she is still alive. Then he says; "Run, he is coming for you." He- being the humanoid alien who seems to have escaped from his ship before Prometheus crashed into it.

He comes crashing into the pod after her.

She manages to avoid him and opens the door to the other alien who grabs him with it's tentacles and shoves something down his throat. She goes back to find David because he said there are many other alien space ships on the planet and he knows how to operate them.

When he says he can get her back home she says NO, I want to go to the aliens home.

They take off in an alien space ship destination - the humanoid aliens home world.

She wants to ask them "Why they changed their mind and wanted to destroy what they had created, what did we do wrong?" - David asks "Does it matter why?" - She says yes, its a human thing and he couldn't understand.

The final scene shows the humanoid aliens dead body, and (of course) a new alien popping out of his chest - a'la the other alien movies. What emerges looks like a hybrid between a human and the original alien (from the first Alien movie.)


The first mystery is why did they originally seed earth - if they were going to go back and destroy mankind? (is that what they were really going to do?)

I think they seeded earth so it would grow and become hospitable - then they would go back and exterminate man-kind and thus have a brand new world to inhabit.

What happened that stopped them from taking off and killed almost all of them?

The liquid they use to quickly evolve and adapt a species might have been accidentally leaked on an alien species from that planet (the worms) which then killed them? But then how would they have time to carve what looked like an Alien Queen's mural?

Did they come to this planet to harvest something from the face sucker aliens? Since they need humans to reproduce? Are they drones who are meant to help them reproduce? Like in a hive - they are the workers?

Is this where the Alien's (the face-sucker kind) originated? OR were the humanoid aliens the Queen Alien species keepers? Or is it the opposite of that? They use the Queen alien as a weapon to kill the species on the new planet they want to take over? The canisters that contain the liquid that seems to create the aliens was referred to being a "weapon of mass destruction" and that the planet it was on was an outpost to create it - so in case something happened it wouldn't be released on their home planet.

Which came first? The Queen alien species or the Humanoid? Who created who?

Was it intentional or an accident? Did their creations get out of hand and take over? If their goal was to go back to earth and exterminate humans with the face suckers - how would they - then, exterminate them and take BACk over Earth?

I am in agreement with most of the reviews of Prometheus - it asks a lot more questions than it answers!

Derek out!

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